Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

Palermo SPAL 06/05/2023: For the match, valid for the 36th day of the Serie B championship,
the rosanero take to the field with the usual 3-5-2 and with the same eleven that drew at Como.

Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

FIRST HALF | Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

The first ball of the match is managed by the guests who take to the field with the usual jacket, white and light blue striped shirt, bench shorts and socks;

Even the landlords show up with the usual jacket, pink shirt, black shorts and socks.

Strong start from Palermo, who already have their first chance in the 3rd minute.

Sala serves Tutino who reaches the back and crosses for Segre, the former Turin player kicks on the fly but central and Alfonso deflects for a corner.

In the 5th minute the guests try to respond with a quick restart, Rabbi’s ball for Maistro placed on the left out, the number 37,

However, it is not surprising, to Pigliacelli, who blocks the ball.

11th minute another ring from Palermo, Gomes leads the ball in midfield, raises his head and throws long for Brunori,

The rosanero captain volleys, touching the posts, but the game is stopped due to the irregular position of the rosanero number 9.

Claim Palermo for a possible penalty kick for a foul on Verre.

The ex Sampdoria, up to his bench, recovers the ball after an incorrect pass by Fiordaliso, shoots with the ball and arrives in the area, where Varnier intervenes,

Taking everything a bit; but for the referee Fabbri there is nothing and the game continues.

In the 25th minute the result of the match is still 0-0, with the hosts who seemed more on the ball than the team led by Massimo Oddo.

GOAL, PALERMO AT 30′. Sala enters the area from the left out, tries a cross shot serves Brunori who reaches the back line,

The rosanero captain tries a cross shot which is deflected by Meccariello into the net and the result is set at 1-0.

GOAL PALERMO AT 35′, squad ahead 2-0. Corner kick deflected by Nedelcearu, who anticipates everyone,

Alfonso flies, deflecting the ball, which ends up on Brunori’s head,

The rosanero striker jumps with his head and pushes on goal, bringing the pinks up 2-0.

In the 39th minute the first yellow card of the match, and it is precisely for Brunori who was warned and will miss the match at Cagliari.

Occasional for the 3-0 for the hosts in the 44th minute. Brunori blocks a long ball perfectly,

Meccariello jumps and serves Tutino placed a few steps from the small area,

But the former Parma player shoots sky-high. Minute 48, first save by Pigliacelli, the goalkeeper intervenes on a shot by Maistro.

The first half of the match ends with the result of 2-0, with Palermo fully deserving of the double advantage.

SECOND HALF | Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

The second half of the match opens with a double substitution for Spal;

Oddo removes Tripaldelli and Rabbi from the challenge for Dalle Mura and Fetfatzidis.

Palermo still dangerous in the 50th minute, Segre recovers the ball almost at the edge of his area, starts on the counterattack and after passing halfway serves Tutino,

The number 7 arrives in the opponent’s area and serves Brunori instead of kicking on goal and is stopped in the corner.

In the 62nd minute, in a counterattack for the rosanero, Verre serves Tutino who, however, tries to move the ball with his heel and slips, nullifying everything.

In the 65th minute goal from Spal which shortens to 2-1 with Varnier.

The number 13 from corner kick development anticipates everyone by jumping with his head and scores the goal that reopens the match.

Corini draws from the bench and in the 69th minute sends Soleri and Aurelio onto the field for Tutino and Sala.

5′ after two more substitutions for the squad, who send Broh and Vido onto the pitch for Verre and Brunori.

Spal now tries to push in search of the goal that can allow them to grab the draw, Palermo instead tries to defend and start again on the counterattack.

Last minutes of the race with the very long teams. There will be five recovery minutes, which means suffering for Palermo, hope for the guests.

Palermo SPAL finished 2-1!

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Palermo SPAL | Highlights 36th Serie B 22/23

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi (from ’86’ Bettella); Buttaro, Segre, Gomes, Verre (from 74′ Broh), Sala (from 69′ Aurelio); Brunori (from 74′ Vido), Tutino (from 69′ Soleri).

Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 2 Graves, 4 Orihuela, 11 Masciangelo, 21 Damiani, 30 Valente. Coach: Corini.

SPAL (4-3-1-2): Alfonso; Fiordaliso, Varnier (from 74′ Peda), Meccariello (Cap.), Tripaldelli (from 46′ Dalle Mura); Maistro (since 74′ Puletto), Prati, Contiliano; Rauti (from 84 ‘La Mantia); Moncini, Rabbi (from 46′ Fetfatzidis).

Available: 17 Pomini, 31 Gabriel, 21 Celia, 23 Murgia, 26 Parravicini, 40 Tunjov, 49 Rossi. Coach: Odo.

Referee: Fabbri (Carrione-Mastrodonato). VAR: Di Bello (Brindisi), VAR: Camplone (Pescara)

NOTES: Brunori booked, Marconi (P), Rauti (S).

SCORERS: Own goal Meccariello 30′, Brunori 35′ (P), Vernier 67′ (S).

SPECTATORS: Season tickets 12,623, tickets 8,295: Total 20,918