Highlights Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro, lost by the rosanero

Highlights Catanzaro - Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

Highlights Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

Everything is ready for Catanzaro – Palermo. At 2.30 pm, at the “Nicola Ceravolo” Stadium in Catanzaro, Giacomo Filippi’s men will face the Calabrian team in the match valid for the first knockout round of the Italian Cup

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

Kick-off at “Ceravolo”. At 4 ‘the first ring comes from the rosanero with Almici, who, served by Valente, ends on goal and puts Nocchi in trouble, which he puts in the corner. At 8 ‘the hosts try with Curiale who tries to mock Massolo but the ball ends outside.

At 12 ‘Catanzaro kicks from the flag with Bearzotti, Massolo flies and sweeps away. At 15 ‘Curiale scores for the hosts, but the goal is not valid as the assistant had already raised the flag. At 19 ‘a strange cross in the Monterisi area was about to end at the intersection of the posts, Massolo was careful to sweep.

At 26 ‘attempt to restart for Palermo with Valente overtaking everyone in the wing, but once he gets in the way, the ball is picked up by Nocchi. At 29 ‘a good action orchestrated by Floriano and Crivello won the squads a corner kick: on the development of the same, the ball reached De Rose who finished but the shot ended far out.

A balanced game after the first half-hour of play, just as expected on the eve, with both teams taking turns attacking their respective opposing goals. At 36 ‘great shot by Floriano, served by Crivello, shoots towards the goal but just touches the post.

A turn of hands later Valente serves Soleri perfectly and sends him face to face with Nocchi, the number 27 kicks but finds the opposing goalkeeper to oppose. At 38 ‘overturn in front: Cinelli triggers Bearzotti who enters the area waiting for the flying ball, but Massolo gets up and sweeps it, being fouled by the opponent’s attacker. 45 ‘the first half ends without recovery.

SECOND HALF / Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

The match at Ceravolo resumes. The same script is seen in the first half in the first 5 minutes of the second half. Filippi makes a double chance in the 53rd minute, putting in Doda and Luperini in place of Almici and De Rose. The first shot on goal of the match arrives at 56 ‘from the feet of Ortisi for Catanzaro that worries Massolo, attentive and ready to corner.

At 60 ‘the hosts are still proving the conclusion, this time with Cinelli: the ball, however, ends high. Another two changes for Filippi in the 66th minute: Dall’Oglio picks up Floriano, while instead Valente’s race ends and gives way to Silipo. At 68 ‘Catanzaro unlocks the match: Curiale launches a left that ends at the intersection, Massolo can do nothing. The hosts have the advantage.

At 72 ‘Palermo one step away from a draw: Silipo served by Odjer tries a torpedo from the left that almost ends up on seven. The game stops for a couple of minutes at 74 ‘due to Ortisi’s cramps. Calabro takes the opportunity to make a double change, inside Bombagi and Fazio for Ortisi and Monterisi.

Another change for the rosanero coach: inside Brunori, outside Perrotta. At 81 ′ free-kick for the rosanero: Dall’Oglio touches for Brunori, the number 9 kicks for power but the ball ends too high. At 87, Palermo wins a free kick thanks to Soleri landed by Bayeye: Silipo goes to serve, but the number 10 shoots too high compared to the goal. There will be 4 minutes of recovery.

At 92 ‘the Giallorossi find their fifth corner kick, Bearzotti takes it out calmly: a short touch with Bombagi to let the precious minutes flow at the end of the match.

VIDEO / Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

TABLE / Catanzaro – Palermo, 3rd match Coppa Italia Lega pro

CATANZARO: 1 Nocchi, 3 Tentardini, 4 De Santis, 7 Curiale, 9 Vazquez, 15 Monterisi (From 74 ‘Fazio), 18 Cinelli, 19 Ortisi (From 74’ Bombagi), 21 Risolo (cap.) (From 86 ‘ Welback), 37 Bearzotti, 44 Cats. Available: 12 Romagnoli, 33 Branduani, 2 Bayeye, 5 Martinelli, 6 Welbeck, 8 Verna, 10 Bombagi, 13 Fazio, 14 Scognamillo, 23 Vandeputte, 29 Carlini, 99 Cianci. Coach: Calabro.

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 5 Marong, 54 Peretti, 33 Perrotta (From 74 ‘Brunori); 29 Almici (From 53 ‘Doda), 20 De Rose (cap.) (From 53’ Luperini), 19 Odjer, 6 Crivello; 30 Valente (From 66 ‘Silipo), 7 Floriano (From 66’ Dall’Oglio); 27 Soleri. Available: 1 Pelagotti, 79 Lancini, 25 Buttaro, 3 Giron, 77 Doda, 17 Luperini, 36 Mauthe, 11 Dall’Oglio, 9 Brunori, 23 Fella, 31 Corona, 10 Silipo. Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Centi (Terni). Assistants: Catallo (Frosinone) – Tempestilli (Roma 2). Fourth Official: Recchia (Brindisi).

MARKERS: Curiale 68 ‘

NOTES: Bayeye warned

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