Cittadella Palermo, Corini Conference 29th SerieB

Cittadella Palermo, Corini Conference, 29th Serie B

Cittadella Palermo, Corini Conference, 29th Serie B

Cittadella Palermo 10//03/2023: Palermo coach, he spoke about it in the usual press conference on the eve of the match against Cittadella.

With Matteo, I have an increasingly formed and important relationship. A right relationship to create, especially since he is the captain.

This year he had to raise his level, and he is doing a great championship after the super season the year before.

The penalty kick goes beyond the technical quality. He wanted to talk to me on Monday after Pisa and told me he would show up again, but for now he wants to take a break if that happens.

I had full faith in him and if he had matured a different decision over time I was available to him, it happened and therefore now he will take a break.

For tomorrow, the first penalty taker will be Di Mariano. Now Brunori just has to keep doing what he has already done. We worked on how to finalize certain situations.

I also spend a few words for Soleri, Tutino and Vido, in general I’m happy with the whole offensive department.

Palermo has not won for more than a month: We have prepared well. In terms of performance, the team has responded, one iota has been missing up to now.

In these four draws, we could have brought them home at least two more points. If we haven’t done them, I always say that we have to take back that space.

We have to keep working ahead of two important matches against Cittadella and Modena.

It is a championship that lives on balance, the margin of points for the play-offs is not yet clear, but we still have to raise the level to reach what is missing.

There are various levels to go to manage the squad. The first is the psychological and athletic condition, but also how the team works during the week.

Standards are high, but all on par as of today. Then there is an initial strategy and one for the game in progress, based on the characteristics of the players.

I also estimated last week that it was the third game in eight days. But knowing I have a high standard, I can play the boys.

Those you see on the pitch tomorrow are the ones I consider most appropriate from the start, but also thinking about who enters the game in progress.

The coach from Bagnolo Mella focused on various individuals of his squad during the press conference: Sala and Graves had a full week.

I saw them work well, they just lost the race pace a little but recovered from the injury.

Marconi stopped, he did a test yesterday but felt discomfort in his adductor. Broh, on the other hand, suffered a sprained ankle, we did a test this morning, and it wasn’t going well, so he won’t be there.

Marconi I was forced to replace him in Pisa. Broh had been a key substitution in previous matches and came on as a substitute against the Nerazzurri because my playing condition led me to that.

Saric had cramps, while Di Mariano lives with knee inflammation. Within the development of the last 25 minutes, we understood that we were struggling to shoot on goal, and we leaned on this thing here.

We have lost a bit of quality on their re-aggression. Then in general I don’t remember Pisa’s great dangerous actions. Only after the equalizer did we take a risk, but let’s work on that too.

I think the Citadel wants to get to the play-offs, we are fully aware of their humility. Saric’s performance was excellent in Pisa, he’s growing, and I’m happy.

I’m rooting for him to also sign that he’s not Italian, since up to now only Italian players have scored goals. Damiani plays that game because he feels involved, I have identified a strategic role in Gomes.

There is a lot of variety in this midfield. Samuele Damiani has grown a lot, but I repeat that Gomes for how he dominates the midfield and reads the situations gives me something extra.

Tutino is a bit overcompensating for adapting to our methodology. I demand something more from everyone, not only from him, but everyone is predisposed to wanting to give something more.

Crowding on the left wing with the return of Sala, a competition that can be good for the players who occupy that role:

At a hierarchical level, Sala did well, the alternative was Masciangelo, but he had to manage a re-athletization after the injury. Aurelio messed up the choices because he’s fine and has good legs.

Today, Aurelio is equal, and my choice will be strategic based on the match we will have to face.

Verre has quality and is demonstrating his value, he has to give more and more. He came to us with a great motivation.

I keep stimulating him because he is strong, and I think he can still improve in the next five years. I want to bring out everything that he has.

The Cittadella has made a valuable market but has also experienced moments of difficulty. They have rediscovered their identities and are back in the running for the play-offs.

They attack you high up and make many balls dirty. In possession, they play very directly and recover many balls.

The qualities of the individuals can be seen, they push with full-backs and cross a lot for those who enter the box.

There is always great attention to the day-to-day, then there is also a medium-term vision.

However, each training session must be prepared for the next game, stimulating the daily also serves to have a vision of the future.

I see it every day with the energy that my players give me.

There is anger because we know we can do better. We continue to raise the bar if we want to become great, to finish this championship on a high note as we want.

We are working a lot with the forwards, but we need to trust and persevere, the team has improved a lot in general.

Furthermore, we are trying to fix the finalization phase, but without stressing too much.

The Cittadella defends with a very high block. They have a very high center of gravity and push a lot forward.

Understanding how to create superiority to get out with the dribble is important, but you can also make some direct plays.

They have been working on this system for more than 10 years on this, and they are very good at it.

We need to find channels to pick up speed. The performance level has risen. We have to create an identity and consolidate it.

We deserved a few points in these games we’ve played, we have to try to improve on this. I think the Citadel wants to get to the play-offs, we are fully aware of their humility.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Formation of Cittadella Palermo, Corini Conference, 29th Serie B

CITTADELLA (4-3-1-2): Kastrati; Mattioli, Del Fabro, Frare, Giraudo; Mastrantonio, Branca, Vita; Crusade; Magrassi, Antonucci.

Unavailable: Baldini, Varela

Suspended: Pavan, Salvi

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Bettella; Di Mariano, Saric, Gomes, Verre, Aurelio; Brunori, Soleri.

Out: Elia, Stulac, Marconi, Broh

Disqualified: /