Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 23

Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

Cittadella Palermo 11/03/2023: For today’s match Corini relies on the usual 3-5-2 with:
Pigliacelli between the posts, a defensive line made up of Mateju, Nedelcearu and Bettella in place of the injured Marconi,
Gomes in the control room, supported by Saric and Verre mezzali and Di Mariano and the young Aurelio on the lanes.

First Halftime | Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

Kick-off scheduled for 14:00. The teams enter the field, Palermo in an all-white away kit while the hosts play in amaranth clothing.

First ball of the match entrusted to the Cittadella. The referee blows his whistle for the start of the match: Cittadella-Palermo begins.

In the 3rd minute Cittadella immediately took the lead: insistent action by the hosts with Vita stopping in the area and putting the ball in the middle, a volley from Maistrello who beat Pigliacelli for the immediate goal that opened the scoring.

Few emotions on the pitch after the Cittadella goal in the very first minutes, a very physical match at the moment, especially in midfield with the squad blocked by the very high pressing of the hosts.

In the 20th minute penalty kick for Cittadella, Mastrantonio anticipates Saric in the area and is overwhelmed by the Bosnian.

Antonucci appears from the penalty spot and displaces Pigliacelli and, on his birthday, scores the goal of doubling for the hosts.

In the 26th minute, Palermo also had the first chance of the match with Saric pounced into the area on Soleri’s rebounded shot, the ball high over the crossbar.

The 31st minute penalty also for Palermo: Carriero lands Verre in the area, at first the referee lets it continue but after consulting the VAR assigns the penalty to the pinks.

The new penalty taker Di Mariano appears from the penalty spot and scores the goal that shortens the distance, second consecutive goal for the Palermitans!

In the 34th minute, the first yellow card of the match for Carriero, a late entry on Gomes and the first yellow card of the match between the ranks of the Cittadella.

After a few minutes, Saric equalized the yellow card count, a dangerous play by the Bosnian on Branca and the first yellow card for the rosanero too.

In the 38th minute, a great play with his back to Brunori’s goal who receives the ball in the area on the left, gets rid of his opponents, but his shot ends up on the outside of the net.

Palermo is growing after Di Mariano’s goal, Gomes passes again and is knocked down by Branca who gets the yellow card.

41st minute, a long-distance bickering between the two coaches Corini and Gorini, the Rosanero coach was expelled by the referee while the Cittadella coach got his yellow card.

45th minute Cittadella was very occasional with Antonucci avoiding Bettella and shooting towards goal from close range, a reflection of Pigliacelli who rejected the ball.

47th minute, in full recovery, Brunori’s super goal! The captain is unlocked! Crossi in the area by Verre, header by Saric and a wonderful overhead kick by Brunori who scores the equalizer.

After four minutes of added time, the first half ends with the pyrotechnic result of 2-2.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

Second HalfTime | Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

The two teams enter the field to resume hostilities. A change for both teams: in the ranks of the Cittadella Perticone takes the place of Frare while in Palermo outside Brunori, inside Tutino.

The referee whistles for the start of the second half, the match between Cittadella and Palermo starts again.

In the 46th minute, the hosts immediately forward with Vita, who finishes from the edge of the area, not finding Pigliacelli’s goal.

Vita himself, on the occasion of the shot, gets hurt and is forced to leave the field, instead of him on the field Magrassi.

In the 56th minute Cittadella is still dangerous in the offensive phase with a dangerous conclusion by Branca from the edge of the area, the shot is powerful but Pigliacelli is there and rejects the ball.

In the 64th minute Palermo completes the comeback, another goal by Di Mariano!

Perticone lands Tutino, but the referee lets the action continue, Soleri from the left passes a through ball that crosses the whole area and reaches Di Mariano who, practically with an empty net, scores the 3-2 goal!

In the 68th minute, double substitution for Palermo: Di Mariano and Saric out, Valente and Segre in.

Substitution, in the 71st minute, also for Cittadella with Felicioli taking the place of Carriero. In the 74th minute, a goal from theCittadella, still equal to the “Tombolato”.

Cross from the right by Giraudo, perfect header in the area by Maistrello who beats Pigliacelli despite the attempted rejection by the Rosanero goalkeeper.

In the 76th minute, Verre was booked for dangerous play on Branca. In the 78th minute double substitution for Palermo, Vido and Damiani take the place of Soleri and Verre.

Double substitution at minute eighty-one, also for theCittadella: Mastrantonio and Antonucci out, Danzi and Embalo in.

The 85th minute Cittadella in ten men for the second yellow card for Branca, foul by the captain of the hosts on Segre and expulsion for a second yellow card.

In the eighty-nine minute the Cittadella coach Gorini, booked in the first half, receives a second yellow card and he too, like Corini, is sent off and leaves the field.

91st minute, in full stoppage time, the referee awards a penalty kick to theCittadella for handball by Nedelcearu in the area following a header by Maistrello.

The referee himself cancels the decision due to Maistrello’s offside on the recommendation of the VAR.

Very hot final at the Tombolato, again a yellow card, this time for Giraudo for dangerous play on Valente on the restart.

In the 94th minute, Damiani tries to go around from the edge of the area, the ball fails to hit the target.

After six minutes of added time, the referee whistled the end of hostilities: the match between Cittadella and Palermo ended with a daring and amusing 3-3.

VIDEO | Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

Table | Cittadella Palermo | Highlights 29th Serie B 22/23

CITTADELLA: 77 Maniero, 5 Del Fabro, 10 Antonucci (from 81′ Embalo), 15 Frare (from 45′ s.t. Perticone), 16 Vita (from 48′ Magrassi), 18 Mattioli, 20 Carriero (from 71′ Felicioli), 23 Branca (cap.), 29 Mastrantonio (from 81′ Danzi), 32 Maistrello, 98 Giraudo. Subs: 1 Manfrin, 2 Perticone, 3 Felicioli, 7 Embalo, 17 Donnarumma, 19 Ciriello, 21 Crociata, 72 Danzi, 90 Asencio, 99 Magrassi. Coach: Gorini.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 5 Gomes, 9 Brunori (cap.) (from 45′ s.t. Tutino), 10 Di Mariano (from 68′ Valente), 18 Nedelcearu, 26 Verre (from 78′ Damiani), 27 Soleri (from 78′ Vido), 28 Saric (from 68′ Segre), 31 Aurelio, 37 Mateju, 48 Bettella. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 2 Graves, 3 Sala, 4 Orihuela, 7 Tutino, 8 Segre, 11 Masciangelo, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 30 Valente. Coach: Corini.

Referee: Massimi (Termoli). Assistants: Saccenti (Modena) – Cipriani (Empoli). Fourth Official: Maccarini (Arezzo). VAR: Paterna (Teramo). AVAR: Gariglio (Pinerolo).

SCORERS: 3′ Maistrello (C), 22′ rig. Antonucci (C), 33′ penalty. Di Mariano (P), 47′ a.p. Brunori (P), 64′ Di Mariano (P), 74′ Maistrello (C).

Ammonites: Carriero, Saric, Branca, Verre, Giraudo.
Expelled: in the 85th minute, Branca for a second yellow card.