Corini Conference 10th Day vs Spezia

On the eve of the 10th Serie B match against Spezia, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 10th Serie B match against Spezia, the Corini Press conference

The Palermo coach, reiterates the importance of a path that continues from match to match.

Di Mariano completed the entire training session yesterday, then he had a grievance.

He has had tests which certified an injury, he is not available, we want to recover him before the next stop.

The boy is compensating after the meniscus operation, there were some problems, then we hope he finds continuity.

We have great faith in him, he did well when he played. Coulibaly suffered an injury, and we hope to recover him before the break.

Buttaro is returning, we are in the final phase.

Except for Di Mariano, who is in a particular post-operation situation, various assessments need to be made for the rest of the injuries:

I think it’s all physiological.

There is great attention and disappointment, we have checked, and it seems to me to be physiological situations, there are continuous reflections.

It was a long break, we caught up with the national teams with a better time.

We tried to rest after Modena, the team needed to ‘switch off’ but the boys were very focused.

The opponent is strong and of quality, in the last three games he hasn’t lost and has come out of a difficult moment.

We know that we have to put in a great performance to overcome Spezia.

Elia gave us a lot, we experienced his injury last year with regret.

In Palermo, I always used him as a starter.

Failure to confirm? The reflection on him was overall, the fact that he was not owned and the players we already had an impact.

My respect for him does not change, I am convinced that he will demonstrate his worth.

The only match that matters to him is the next one.

Good ranking? It’s important, but we only have to think about ourselves, Spezia is recovering, and I’m sure they will be a protagonist.

Training? I’m quite addressed. Sports Center? It is an absolute value of the club, it must be completed, but something extraordinary is being born.

We work in the best possible conditions, it is a fundamental asset for the company. The property is rooted in the territory.

Stulac and Gomes can play together, it’s an option for the match against Spezia.

The game system is variable, it depends on how we want to position ourselves.

In midfield, I have five starters for three roles, Vasic also came in very well.

Spezia plays in a very aggressive manner. When we attack, they will try to restart with quality.

I think they will try to recover the ball immediately, when we build from the bottom.

The two teams like to attack, we have to be good at shortening the pitch.

Alvini is a very good coach, and he works with equally good players

We must grow from many points of view. The difficulties will increase.

We are aware that two types of markets have been created: some players have only been here recently, and for this reason we have significant margins for improvement.

Mentality makes the difference, I like reading my players’ statements, I like what they say. We solved many matches in the final phase, everyone is fundamental.

We must be good at constantly improving.

There is still a long way to go, even in the 2003/04 promotion there were difficulties.

We started well, but we still have many things to do.

Betting? We have a clear code of ethics, they know what they can do.

I saw them very serene, they are aware of the objective we have.

These things ‘dirty’ our world, but they seem to me to be personal problems of some very young kids: they must understand that they are mistakes that should not be made.

We need a recovery process.

I talk to my players and say that they must never lose the ambition they had as children, but daily work is needed.

You have to love what you do. In these two weeks, I have worked on the belief: mentality makes the difference.

Superficiality kills anything.

We represent a glorious club, which has a lot of desire, even against Spezia there will be many fans: we cannot afford superficial behavior.

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