Corini Conference 11th Day vs Lecco

On the eve of the 11th Serie B match against Lecco, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 11th Serie B match against Lecco, the Corini Press conference

In view of the match against Lecco, Eugenio Corini returns to the challenge that Palermo overcame in the final minutes at the Barbera

Sometimes we were hasty in some choices, we could have developed the action with more time.

However, it was a high-level match where we did much more than them.

I must say however that we knew that they pressed high and that the match would be a little dirtier.

It’s a top-quality team, six or seven players were starters in Serie A.

We put in a performance, but if you don’t have spirit and character, you won’t get back into these matches.

There are a series of things that make this team understand what it wants.

Matteo had a very serious loss, he missed a session this week, and today he was on leave for his grandmother’s funeral.

On Friday I told him to train well, I will talk to him again and try to understand how he will react.

He always wants to be there, but I will make an overall assessment on the matter.

At home against Sudtirol we started with Brunori and Mancuso together.

The latter is a tip that allows me to have more solutions.

Soleri played for Spezia in the last twenty minutes. The score is clear, sometimes the characteristics make me think about forcing it, we often did it during the match.

If Brunori doesn’t start, Soleri will be there from the first minute.

Home games are very clear. With Feralpisalò we took the lead and won, with Cosenza we were in control practically all the time.

With Sudtirol we knew well that they defended low, we went behind and then we won.

Furthmore with Spezia we played to win, we went down and recovered it.

Lecco comes from two matches in which they did very well, on the restart they showed they were dangerous.

We know that teams can generally play a certain type of match, but we need to have the correct balance.

Sometimes things can go well and sometimes not, but the path seems to be the right one.

The championship is a bit like this, there are many away victories and this is the trend.

The away teams organize themselves in a certain way. Lecco certifies this. Spezia played aggressive football and played under pressure, forcing some plays.

Maybe this made us lose a bit of esteem in this aspect, then we were in control.

We did very well in the last twenty minutes of the match.

The players almost inside the area put their arms in control, then three beautiful goals came out.

We have activated Pasquale (the warehouse worker, ed.) and he knows what he has to do to fix this defect (Corini refers to some bad luck regarding these conclusions and jokes about how it can be resolved, ed.).

I still have many things to define.

Sometimes giving playing time during the match consolidates this, this is a very expensive championship and knowing how to read more matches becomes a great value.

We have important data, and we need to consolidate it to do better.

The players are used to feeling important, the longer the match becomes, the more spaces are created.

So when things happen, the players feel that they are things that can happen again, and we work on this, says the Rosanero coach.

Free kicks are also a solution, as is outside football.

We work hard on it, guarding the area with many players and finding the correct space is not easy and shooting from outside the area can be a solution.

Giuseppe (Aurelio, ed.) is managing a small problem, an inflammation, he always gives me an acceleration during the match.

The idea is to start with Lund and recover Aurelio as best as possible after the break, concludes Corini.

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