Corini Conference 15th vs Catanzaro

Corini Conference 18th vs Catanzaro

On the eve of the 15th Serie B, the match against Catanzaro, the Corini Press conference

We must give continuity to the draw in Terni.

We had a good first half and a normal second half, even if this wasn’t enough, so we have to give continuity and demonstrate it on the pitch.

Those who support the team will see a team that fights and works, aware that we have to play a certain type of race.

The problems are that if you are missing five players it becomes difficult.

The games are long and a bench of a certain type helps.

Some declines in the second half derive from the fact that perhaps we didn’t all train together.

This perhaps took something away from the team. The match against Lecco left some consequences, which carried over to the match in Genoa.

Things don’t come by themselves, you have to put your own effort into them.

We cannot afford to do one comma less. In the first half in Terni the nervous energy I needed to feel was there.

The infirmary chapter has given the Sicilians no respite in recent weeks: From five absentees they became four, this week the problem was only Lucioni’s fever.

It was a delicate moment from this point of view. There is great discussion and desire to understand what to do to improve this situation.

There has been a profound evaluation on this issue. It was a great value at the beginning of the season to have the squad almost complete.

The changes were reactive on a team of a certain type. Di Francesco also comes back if he has a short match.

If I didn’t have the clarity and perception of a cohesive and strong group that has to face criticism, I wouldn’t be here speaking in a certain way.

I transmit my energy to my players. The performance is the team.

It’s a Cultural Revolution if before a coach was changed quickly, it’s an awareness of something that is changing.

I think I also have the qualities and support to get out of this moment. Our first task is to ensure that the stadium seen against Spezia returns.

Players like Di Francesco and Insigne were missing in these matches, but we are working to get to the goal with other solutions.

However, we cannot expect to dominate matches for ninety minutes.

This doesn’t take away the fact that we had an important first half in Terni, then we have to persevere, go in and manage the opportunities we create.

The environment in the Sicilian capital is certainly full of discontent over Palermo’s less than positive results in recent games:

For now nothing is going well and there is this feeling of disappointment among a large part of the fans, and you have to accept it.

For me, the reaction was there with Ternana, it wasn’t carried forward into the length of the match.

In recent weeks there has been important work from many points of view, but we will see it over time.

The environment will depend a lot on what the team does. There will be some whistles and some moments of difficulty, but it will also depend on how the team reacts and copes.

The protagonists are the players and I who manage them. The team’s ability is to react to this degree of difficulty.

I understand the climate that exists for now if you have a passion.

Disappointment is the biggest one, and we tend to dispute it. We are aware that we are not giving away what we are wanting.

We are confronted with a reality that is one we would not like. The last few games have created this type of situation, but we have the strength to heal this type of environment.

Corini has no doubts about the compactness of the group and the cohesion, with the coach himself: I’m putting my hand in the fire from this point of view.

We went on a journey with many kids. I have already reiterated that there are moments of difficulty.

When people compare, it is always a value, a constructive comparison to ensure that things can improve.

The team is connected and has the will to carry forward something we feel inside. Dispute between players? It’s bullshit.

Catanzaro has a path that starts from afar. They brought last year’s excitement to a higher category.

The derby with Cosenza certifies a certain lightness they have which allows you to make plays.

He will be a tough and qualitative opponent. They were coming off three consecutive defeats, and it can take some certainties away from you.

It was important to win the match after these three knockouts.

They have a taste for the game, they won, and I expect to see a team with a certain type of attitude.

Disaster in Turret? At the stadium, we have a beautiful field to play on and all the surroundings needed to train.

The fundamental thing is that no one got hurt. When you make pitches, there is a physiological time to settle.

They will look beautiful in Torretta after they have settled. It is normal for there to be an adaptation to the fields.

Now we are at the stadium, unfortunately we will ruin it a bit, and we have everything we need to train.

When you want to play and score goals, it’s normal that you can suffer some counterattacks.

We know that Catanzaro can do it, but we want to try to win it by also pushing ourselves from our fans. We also have to take some risks.

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