Corini Conference 18th day vs Como

Eugenio Corini, coach of Palermo, intervenes in the press conference to present the match against Como.

On the eve of the 18th Serie B, the match against Como, the Corini Press conference

Lucioni had a problem, I spoke with the staff, and we decided not to take any risks; We will evaluate his condition in the next few days.

We are sorry for these latest defections, Lucioni and Coulibaly are important players, but we will react.

Nedelcearu has a great chance of playing as a starter, this year he has trained very well.

Nedelcearu is ready. His frustration is normal, he had little space, mentally I always see him ready.

I am 100% sure that he prepared well. Can he be sold? We’ll think about it after the Cremonese.

We come from a period that has taken away certainties.

Palermo is a team that produces a lot, we have scored six goals in the last two matches, anything can happen in Serie B.

Right now we have to be good at being balanced, even mentally.

We need to be more stable, many things can be improved, but we will do it with work.

Vasic is a solution, but he comes from a particular path, he has been training for a couple of weeks.

We have Henderson, the evaluation is between these two players to replace Coulibaly.

Fabregas has important ideas in the two phases, but I congratulate Longo because he did an excellent job.

Graves did very well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, he gave solidity and is good at dribbling; he has important credentials to start with Como.

Hug with Segre? The experience of the locker room is different from the perception one has outside.

Many things written in the last two months had no basis. The group is solid and is coming out of a difficult moment.

We are not yet completely ‘healed’ but we are on the right path.

Buttaro is a boy who expresses strength, but must improve in building from the bottom.

Graves’ performance was very important, for me these are important signals.

Insigne and Di Francesco are growing, they are players who have to look for plays, they have improved their physical condition.

Como is a team that plays football projected into the future, it is based on the occupation of spaces.

The team was built to play an important championship, we will have to put in a great performance.

Henderson? He has never been good at scoring, he is good at assists, I expect this from him; he had a downturn, but I saw him growing.

Market? This is not the time to talk about it, we are focused on Como and Cremonese.

In Serie B the values are very similar, the inertia of the matches changes often.

With Pisa at the start of the second half we could have done better, we are working on it.

There is a continuous search for improvement, we need to be more ‘stable’ over the 90 minutes.

I would like to celebrate Christmas with a great victory in Como.

We don’t get there as we dreamed, we lost two important players, but I saw the boys convinced.

We remained united in the suffering, we want to play a great match.

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