Corini Conference 17th day vs Pisa

On the eve of the 17th Serie B, the match against Pisa, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 17th Serie B, the match against Pisa, the Corini Press conference

The rosanero coach Eugenio Corini speaks to the microphones of the journalists present in the press room of the Renzo Barbera.

We are experiencing a particular moment in terms of results.

Defeat of Parma? Their path is different from ours, theirs must be calculated over the last 4 years.

When you happen to not win for several games, it’s hard for any team to find the right emotional reaction.

In Parma, we lacked courage, but we held up from a character and emotional point of view.

We know that we can do much better, but it is a path that must be nurtured.

Obviously there is regret because in the last race we really came close to winning.

This is a particular championship, but we have the energy to be able to get out of this moment.

This morning I showed the boys the last goal scored in Parma: it hurt us incredibly, in that situation we had to manage the advantage differently.

The energy put into play in Parma must become more qualitative, tomorrow we have another great opportunity against Pisa to be able to grow from this point of view.

Distinguished? He had a back problem that also prevented him from sleeping.

He had a great week, I think I can say that he is recovered, even if he still doesn’t have the 90 minutes left in his legs.

Brunori? In Parma, he scored two goals which were entirely his, but he was also involved in the team’s play. He needed to score goals to regain confidence in himself.

Henderson? He is a qualitative player with great strength, but he still has to work and grow in some aspects.

I can’t guarantee ownership to anyone, I trust in all my players. I have to pay more attention to the general balance of the team and the balance between the departments.

Defensively, looking at the latest performances, I think we need to improve.

Ceccaroni? Let’s try to understand if for the next one, or at most for the last one of the year, he can be recovered, in any case I have great trust and respect for what Marconi is doing.

Against Pisa, we are ready to put in a high-level performance, in this sense the team worked carefully during the week to try in every way to regain the 3 points.

Should I be thrown onto the field in place of Mateju?

He played 90 minutes against Catanzaro, I will decide at the last minute whether to start him, also having an alternative situation that I am evaluating at the moment.

We trust in the passion of our fans, because they are aware of the importance and value that playing at home has for us.

I’m sure that when we return to winning, our fans will return to fill the stands with Barbera and give us a big hand.

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