Corini conference, 21st day vs Modena

On the eve of the 21st Serie B, the match against Modena, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 21st Serie B, the match against Modena, the Corini Press conference

Eugenio Corini presents the match against Modena, valid for the 21st matchday of the championship, that Palermo will play at the Barbera.

We are sorry, the instrumental investigation has certified this injury.

Since it’s the same muscle as the first injury, we’re now going there with a pinch of caution, we hadn’t accelerated before.

It is an important loss at leadership level, the company was already working for a defender. Let’s hope they are physiological injuries, all the others can be called up.

Ranocchia is a complete player. He has already had his own experiences and also Serie A.

He arrives at the right club, he must complete himself, it seems like a well-made purchase to me. Furthermore, he is available, but you will hardly see him from the start.

Many goals conceded? It’s definitely a problem, the effectiveness in the offensive zone has improved, but something is missing.

At Cittadella the performance was decent, we have to push harder. I was angry during the week, we can’t be satisfied with the performance, also because we had recreated a good atmosphere.

We are a team that likes to attack, there is a margin of risk if you want to win, but it must not be too high.

Lund has been playing continuously since March. He could have paid for something in terms of clarity, but he gives us a lot. It wasn’t his best game against Cittadella.

Aurelio was limited by groin pain, but he is better now. In this role, I ask a lot.

Coulibaly must complete his recovery from injury. We are a good number in midfield, so there is no need to speed up his return.

We have 18 games, time is ticking, fortunately the league table is short, we cannot afford to lose any more games.

I can no longer go out like I did at Cittadella, we have to bring home the result.

Modena is a qualitative team, they know how to play, and they know how to build. It can put you in difficulty in many ways.

I want to see the post-Citadel anger in the eyes of my players.

I think Palermo can beat anyone. Likewise, I want concentration on the opponent in question. We need that desire to give something more, we just have to be satisfied.

Barbera must become our fort. The trend was negative, but we changed it. Passing by our house will be difficult for everyone.

At Cittadella we missed a great opportunity, January is important beyond the transfer market.

Serie B is strange, you have to know how to stay within it.

Genoa had difficulties last year despite finishing second, Monza two years ago with a super team won the playoffs with difficulty.

This team has a crazy dedication to work, but it’s not enough.

We’re going fast, but we have to go very fast. You need maniacal attention and obsession.

I know what it means to win here, I won’t give up an inch. Something is missing today, otherwise you won’t lose in Cittadella and I’ll go crazy.

Tomorrow we have to see this on the pitch, win, even dirty, I don’t care. We must be ambitious, we cannot be satisfied with being seventh.

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