Corini speech, 20th day vs Cittadella

On the eve of the 20th Serie B, the match against Cittadella, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 20th Serie B, the match against Cittadella, the Corini Press conference


In the meantime, I have recovered and am fine.

It was a particular first round, we started well and suffered halfway between October and November, but we had an excellent finish.

We need to find balance, the last few weeks of work have been aimed at this. We did an overall job, and we did it well.

Unfortunately, Coulibaly stopped due to flu and will not be available for Cittadella, he will be available for Modena.

Gomes returned after the flu, which Mateju also had. Di Mariano returned today too.

But these are physiological, normal things: all the others are well and have worked with the knowledge that Cittadella is a fearsome and strong team, which has finished on a high in recent months.

The ups and downs of Palermo? Right now, 95 minute stability is hard to find for everyone.

In Como, we played well overall, even when we conceded the two goals: there was a continuity of performance for 95 minutes.

And also against Cremonese, who together with Parma are the best equipped team in Serie B.

In the end, if I expose myself in attack I am more exposed behind: however, this led us to score many goals.

There has been growth, we must be good at controlling as many situations as possible.

Market? We need to understand what we can improve, but I’m only speaking in general terms because I don’t want to delve into the various departments.

The level was kept high from an intensity point of view. The boys worked well, they showed up in the right shape.

I see them ready and reactive, we worked in various aspects: but I told them that we have to take one match at a time into consideration.

Our goal must be the Cittadella, I don’t want to look further: this is how we can get the results.

Lucioni has done some differentiated work, tomorrow he will do the finishing and I will understand if I can take him to Cittadella.

Palermo has always had an identity. We had some difficulties, but we stayed inside.

We must not take anything for granted, I have prepared the boys for this mentality: so we can be solid and strong in a second round which is complicated, but which we too can make complicated for others.

Players influenced by the market? The team is doing well. I see them as they arrive at the pitch, they just have to be ready to beat Cittadella.

Clubs interested in our players? If they are interested, it means they are working well, but they know they are professionals.

Displanches? It’s sad for him, because he has grown a lot and has shown it in the national team.

In training, we thought it was a blow, but the tests said otherwise: let’s hope he can recover soon. It is an investment made well by the company.

The Cittadella fights with courage, but also by understanding the phases of the game, when to accelerate or manage.

It will be a very open match, like last year, both teams will try to outdo each other until the end.

I think Palermo found continuity when they went onto the pitch with the lineup they were built with. And he did it at the beginning and at the end of the first round.

I consider all my players to be starters. I consider Mancuso important, he has often started and could happen again.

There will be 1,500 fans, which is significant for us. We want to make them proud: having made them re-enthusiastic was important for us, we want to give a great performance.

Playoff quota? The goal for me is to win one game at a time, I won’t go beyond that. Last year, go and see who was relegated… you have to be careful.

I know that the fans are attached to the team forever. Last time, with Cremonese, I enjoyed the evening, but now I’m already thinking about winning the next match.

I think there is always room for improvement, especially in managing matches from an emotional point of view. It will be even more fundamental when the points weigh more.

Knowing how to stay within 95 minutes, sometimes in schizophrenic matches, is essential to be competitive in Serie A.

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