Corini conference, 23rd day vs Bari

On the eve of the 23rd Serie B, the match against Bari, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 23rd Serie B, the match against Bari, the Corini Press conference

Lost too many points? It depends on what you evaluate, I think that in the last few games there has been continuity in performances.

We left some points along the way, but we have to stick to the championship.

I know that every match is an opportunity and that maybe we are a few points behind along the way, but we have to think about bringing home the most from each match: maintaining this continuity and then seeing what comes.

We want to be competitive and do our best, always trying to win.

Everything is still open. We are within a clear margin of points, anything can be done. We have the ambition to always win, but I don’t know where we will get.

The desire to do well is there, we have to work and stay there.

Diakite? He was bought with the idea of replacing Mateju, even though I know he can also play in central defense.

Ranocchia? He did very well in training, and I felt in Catanzaro that it was right to start him from the beginning.

He is well and has quality: he is a starter, as everyone is. And with Bari he has a great chance of starting from the beginning.

Chaka Traore? There are no bureaucratic steps, the negotiation is well on its way to definitive closure.

Perhaps we will make a definitive conclusion on the market next week, given that this player still needs to be closed.

Di Mariano? I think everyone is an owner and this must be confirmed.

I evaluate many things and with Catanzaro the very high pressing was needed, which is part of Di Mariano’s characteristics.

And in the last minutes there was the feeling that something good could be done, but then it didn’t arrive.

The market for others? Parma has consolidated three and a half years of work, like Venezia. Cremonese has made important purchases.

Como has made top-level signings, such as Strefezza.

This certifies the level of our opponents, but we have also raised the level of the squad, and we can compete with everyone.

From the match against Bari there was a great start and then a great suffering.

But we are still here fighting with our heads held high, playing an important match.

Something extra didn’t arrive in Catanzaro, and now we have the opportunity to go and get it.

The conditions are there, now we have to put in something more to understand who we really are.

I expect a focused Bari, who wants to make up for it after the last match. But we know what we want.

For the Catanzaro match he showed a lot in defense: Pigliacelli didn’t make any saves other than those on corners, they kicked very little.

There was a lot of application. We have to keep working, because not conceding a goal is a show of strength.

I saw Diakité well, even though he had worked little during the week of negotiations.

However, he was in adequate athletic condition to play.

Spirit makes a performance qualitative, as it was a year ago against Bari, when we won 1-0. Reproducing that will is what we want.

Valente? He gave a lot to our shirt, contributing to Serie B. Last year he worked with a lot of dedication, provided assists and goals.

I deprived myself of it by doing good for the boy, with this opportunity in Padova.

What Valente wrote and said is very important, he gave a lot, and I am happy that he wore this shirt. I will always remain tied to him.

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