Corini conference, 24th day vs Feralpisaló

On the eve of the 24th Serie B, the match against Feralpisaló, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 24th Serie B, the match against Feralpisaló, the Corini Press conference

Against FeralpiSalò he is fundamental, he can define a path. We are fully aware of the importance of the race.

After Cittadella, we started again from scratch.

Now we have to put in an important performance against an opponent who is fully healthy, he also demonstrated this in the last match. Zaffaroni is doing a great job.

We need that something extra, I want to see improvements. We cannot be satisfied with a good performance.

Furthermore, we have had ups and downs, an extraordinary start, then a negative period. In the last eight games, we are in line with a championship at the top.

The team has re-established itself, we have to pay for that negative period. The opponents are strong, they strengthened in January.

We have acquired awareness and will, I want to see growth from game to game. We can still do many things along this path.

This year, too, we have changed many players.

I think the new signings are not yet fully integrated, they are facilitated by the organization of the group.

In the delicate moment this team had the balls to play the games, we were courageous.

We can improve, it is a path that must always be followed. We need to understand certain moments better.

I have four wingers with defined characteristics, I evaluate the form and the match plan.

The external strikers can blow our cap, we have players with the right characteristics.

FeralpiSalò built this path with the victory against Cremonese, one of the strongest in the championship; they are a confident team.

Something was missing on the move. “Barbera” has become a decisive factor, we must do the same away from home.

We need to win again, we have the will to make the most of this opportunity.

Chaka is fine, he is awake and attentive, he has been welcomed well by the group; he will give us a hand.

Stulac is an important player, at the moment I have made other choices, I see him as an alternative to Gomes.

The midfield is consolidating, we are able to rotate better with a different dynamism.

I need everyone, we need availability, we have to accept playing less than others.

I can’t give the same space to everyone, but I have respect for everyone. Kids have to fight to earn their space.

Mancuso? He had to have an operation, he remained at rest.

Let’s see how he is, I have the idea of calling him up, but it depends on him.

All the players are giving me difficulty, I often choose my lineup on the morning of the matches, the level of competition is very high.

Dead balls? We defend with a zonal castle, we have to attack the ball. We face teams with many jumpers, we have to cover Pigliacelli, creating density.

Likewise, we felt we had to win again at home, we consolidated this attitude.

A climate is created that helps express the best qualities. Problems at “Barbera”?

The team is aware and is working to improve the situation.

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