Corini conference, 27th day vs Ternana

On the eve of the 27th Serie B, the match against Ternana, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 27th Serie B, the match against Ternana, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the home match against Ternana (kick-off at 8.30pm), Rosanero coach tries to rewind the tape following the disappointment of the draw that came on Saturday at the “Zini” in Cremona.

It remains a missed opportunity. The perception of the locker room was like that of a defeat.

This certifies the level we have reached and what we aspire to, net of a well-done performance against a worthy team.

We were doing our thing, and they tried to push. We took the 2-1 goal and they scored a great goal.

Then in two minutes they scored two goals. We have our own responsibilities for the 2-all goal, you can’t think of being satisfied and not shortening it.

The inertia of the double advantage and numerical superiority led us to ten minutes of difficulty, what was positive for us became positive for them.

Then we built some important actions. If I go and evaluate Cremonese in the two matches, four points are there for me, but regret is also a euphemism.

Now we have to think about Ternana which is still an important race. The ranking is there, and we have to think about beating it now.

Cremonese has an important team with quality players in managing certain situations.

I think we can write what we want inside, for me the team is physically very good.

Certain data certifies this. I think it is a concept of psychological inertia in the face of the value of the opponents.

We had to not accept that positive moment of theirs. We must have the courage to demonstrate what we can do.

Furthermore, we know that it’s not a concept of athletic condition, we missed important moments, and then we weren’t good at going to get the victory back.

The game was open, we knew that they would want to reopen it.

I haven’t seen a defeatist attitude on the part of my team.

And we take the second goal due to a collective participation error on the restart, because we underestimated some things.

There is an incredible disappointment about what happened, but we have to think about the next one. We take responsibility and I take responsibility.

They have experienced players and the right coach. We don’t underestimate anything in my teams, we know it will be difficult.

We must be careful and balanced. They have important characteristics when it comes to attacking depth.

We have the resources to get to the bottom of it, with a healthy competitive determination that makes the difference.

Lineup choices to be evaluated after the close match against Cremonese: With Ternana I will evaluate who is better and who is not based on who played more minutes and recovered or not.

Knowing that I have important resources on the bench possibly for the current match.

They have resources, they played against Como until the last minute. They remain an intense team, it’s difficult to score goals.

Raimondo scored 8 goals away which is a lot, he is a dangerous player.

They also have Favilli, Pereiro, Di Stefano and behind them, they have five physical players and a mix of experience and young guys.

They know how to play in midfield, we have to play a great game to get to the bottom of it.

The concentration and desire to do are so high, that it is an objective fact that we want to do things.

Feeling bad is part of a journey that regenerates the desire to do.

The top ranking is reduced, even Venezia won in the 92nd minute. Sometimes you have the day, sometimes others.

There are 12 days left, there is an incredible balance and we have to stay inside. We have worked on this in recent days, and we are ready to take the field tomorrow.
On singles

There is a possibility, he has had a good journey and already yesterday (Sunday 25 February, ed.) he rejoined the team.

Today he finished his game and is a recovered player, he could start from the first minute. Even for Traorè there is the possibility of seeing it from the beginning.

Gomes has grown a lot, he is very well, and today he did little finish.

I will talk about it with the medical staff to understand if he will be available and how.

I replaced Ranocchia because he was booked, and we wanted to give a specific weight, which is why Soleri comes in against Cremonese.

We had stuck too close to their area,

we had to move and free up more space inside. Traorè has entered very well from this point of view.

There are many expectations on Traorè.

Forcing a physical player given how short they were was the best option. Even to attack their door.

Also, because of the way we scaled the game, Cremonese then brought in fresh people and could be very dangerous with the counterattacks.

I’m happy with Insigne. He dedicates himself to important connecting work, I believe in him a lot, and I am sure that he too will show the talent he has at his disposal.

Stulac is doing very well and demonstrated it against Feralpisalò.

In the middle of the pitch it will depend a lot on the wingers what type of choice I will make, concludes the coach.

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