Corini conference, 26th day vs Cremonese

Corini conference, 26th day vs Cremonese

On the eve of the 26th Serie B, the match against Cremonese, the Corini Press conference

It’s a very important match against Cremonese. They are one point above us, therefore we know well how important it is to consolidate the path.

We have ambition, we know that we can annoy our opponents. Whatever happens, there are 12 days and anything can happen, regardless of the result.

The idea is to narrow the field so as not to suffer from game changes.

The first leg was an important match, we faced it with courage; the idea of what we then consolidated was born there.

Now we have another test. Graves? I consider him recovered, he will be in the squad. Lund has had a different path, there are small hopes for Cremona.

Lucioni continues his journey, we are aiming to recover him during the break

Two teams with identities and concepts face each other. Mental balance will become fundamental.

Cremonese has important players like Vazquez and Falletti, it is a team built to win the championship. We have to play a careful game

Anything can still happen, but I don’t want to deny the importance of the match, we are in a disadvantageous position compared to Cremonese.

The championship lives on moments, until the last second there will be a fight. We must think about consolidating our path by having a great race

Training? I reflect until the morning of the race, the team is making an excellent run.

Manchester City cups? The meaning was important, inside there is the work of the City Group, what they managed to build.

Our ambition is that Palermo can return to Serie A, we will give it our all

In our hearts, we know what we want and how hard we are working. Experiencing the emotion of a full stadium leaves you with something strong.

Anything can be tackled through work, the owners are very clear on how a club should be supported.

Who plays less? I can’t guarantee anything to anyone, I make choices, there is mutual respect.

Winning in Palermo has a very great meaning: to achieve something you have to give yourself.

This is the mentality we want to build. We arrive with a path that allows us to have a solid base.

Chaka? He has great talent, he must fit into our way of playing. The idea of letting him debut was a gift, he’s growing

The match against Ternana does not influence Cremona’s choices.


During the crisis period, players were missing, the team suffered, and the external strikers were missing.

The path has been growing, the three transfer purchases have raised the qualitative and athletic rate.

I see an important awareness in the team and there are important margins.

The group has developed many antibodies, we all dream of having a stadium that always accompanies you, but we know we have to work.

It will be a marathon in these thirteen games.

Pressure is part of this job, but it must be made functional, it is the fans’ right to criticize and rejoice.

I’m happy about Aurelio, he had difficulties at the beginning, but then he had a very important race.

For me, we defended well against Como, the team suffered little but in the first 25 minutes we forced too many plays.

The goal ‘liberated’ the team. We have to give credit to Como. In a match the inertia shifts from one minute to the next, we deserved the three points.

I hope that as many Palermitans as possible can be in Cremona.

Cremonese conceded very few goals. I expect a match similar to the first leg. Dead balls are a factor, we always work on it.

Stroppa has always tried to propose football with a very specific idea. Cremonese concedes few goals and they are a complete team.

It will be a tactical race, but the balance could be broken at any moment.

Ranocchia? We couldn’t find him in the first 25 minutes against Como.

We can play with an attacking midfielder or with two strikers: this team gives me the chance to change.

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