Corini Conference 8th Day vs Südtirol

Corini Conference 8th Day vs Südtirol

On the eve of the 8th Serie B match against Südtirol, the Corini Press conference

Palermo coach Eugenio Corini speaks at the press conference to present the match against Südtirol, scheduled for Sunday 1 October at 4.15pm.

We’re already back at ‘Barbera’, this time aiming for the three points.

Absences? Insigne did all the finishing and wasn’t feeling very well: the discomfort increased afterward.

It’s an intestinal virus, he went to the doctor a little while ago: he has a fever of 38, he can’t be available.

Mateju is recovered, I will evaluate tomorrow morning: he withstood the finishing and I will have to understand if he can be part of the match.

He has a joint problem in his ankle.

I didn’t think I’d lose Insigne.

We have four external strikers, the specific ones are not available, while Mancuso is atypical.

I will have to make an overall assessment, because I had an idea on how to start and obviously Insigne would have been the starter.

Südtirol are difficult to face, they are still unbeaten.

It’s difficult to score goals against them, and they are capable and technically good at scoring from counterattacks and dead balls.

It’s a complicated team to face: but we are fully aware that we will have to put in something more.

As we did in Venice, we will try to do it again on Sunday: we need the right spirit to be protagonists in this championship.

Positive results from away teams? All the teams are light at the start of the championship: consequently, all the matches are open.

This year we aim to transform last year’s draws at Barbera into victories: we must be good and balanced, but also patient.

We always try until the last second, so we need a push from the fans until the end.

In the center-back rotations, he is the one who has adapted the most to playing on the right.

In terms of training, it’s the one that has the most: I take it into consideration, it could start from the beginning or enter during the race.

Midfield in Venice? Choices made because they are physical and for the close tinker.

Before against Cosenza we had spent a lot in midfield: the starters lined up in Venice responded well.

It was a strategic reading, based on tactical and mental aspects.

Brunori? Everyone complimented him. I just hugged him: it was an important day for us and for him. He asked for it and decided the match.

Last year, the defeat against Südtirol? These are those matches that you are unlikely to lose, a bit like against Cosenza a few days ago.

In these cases you need patience, moving the ball around and trying to find space.

Brunori did well, what I’m working on is the ability to work for his teammates too.

In addition to attacking depth, he must be good at coming and bonding with others.

We are working on it and it has grown.

The penalty? There is also an emotional concept: he prepared in the right way. Returning to Bari, I wanted to give continuity to Di Mariano.

We’re back to giving responsibility to the captain: I’m happy for him. But I repeat that it is not just a technical moment.

On the left? We push a lot there and I want freshness.

If I can increase the frequency of the step, I will: Aurelio entered Venice well, as Lund had done before.

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