Corini Conference before the 7th vs Venezia

Corini Conference before the 7th vs Venezia

On the eve of the 7th Serie B match against Venezia, the Corini Press conference

Palermo is already away from Venezia on Tuesday evening.

The Rosanero coach immediately reassured about the conditions of the injured players at the end of the match against Cosenza.

Pigliacelli, Henderson and Insigne are okay. But he expresses doubts about the team to field.

I have several doubts about the training, Friday was very expensive due to the heat, I want to talk to some players because in Venice we must not make the same mistakes.

The bitterness of these days, must be transformed into positive energy to be reproduced on the pitch, beating Venezia would be fundamental,

We know we want to be protagonists, every match is an objective, and we want to put in a great performance.

We are talking about the opponent who, despite Saturday’s disappointing 0-0 draw with Brescia, remains a team still unbeaten and with two points more than the Sicilians.

Venice bought Serie A players, but also confirmed important players from last season, they have all the characteristics to be protagonists in Serie B,

Last year there was great regret for not having achieved a result against them because in the first leg we were penalized by some incidents and in the return we scored goals ourselves.

Now we have all the qualities to put in a good performance, I want to understand how well we will be able to react to this defeat,

Perhaps I would have preferred to switch with Vanoli and play on Saturday and him on Friday because the management of schedules is different.

The club asked me to stay at least between fourth and fifth place

I’m curious to see how we will react after a defeat, which I think was undeserved but which nevertheless occurred.

Venezia is a great team, and we are eager to measure our ambitions with them by facing them at our best.

I am calm and focused on the goal, we know what we are aiming for.

Ours must be a top season, the club asked me to always stay at least between fourth and fifth place, and we work towards that.

I have to make an objective and in-depth assessment of who I will employ. I’ll talk to all the guys.

I think I can make some changes, but I want to evaluate it carefully.

Losing always hurts, but you have to transform bitterness into energy.

The kids who had physical problems are all fine. Insigne only took a beating, Henderson had cramps and Pigliacelli had a bandage but is fine.

There was also a brief revival of Barbera’s match against Cosenza.

Cosenza’s restarts were born from our mistakes, we conceded goals on an action that we shouldn’t concede and on which we will work in these days,

On the dinghy we had to shorten first, we could have had two points between Ascoli and Cosenza with as many draws, but the balance still gives us one more.

Overall there were some errors but looking at the individual data we deserved more, the will to win was there and the public’s push led us to move forward.

This time we weren’t rewarded but other times by playing like this we will be, in the second half we brought more balls into the area than in the first,

You can’t always think of being in absolute control of your opponent.

Brunori’s abstinence from scoring continues, and it is impossible not to talk about it.

Brunori must continue to work because I like the attitude of the last few weeks since he is more collaborative.

He is a really important player when it comes to attacking depth, I like that he is in a point where he can be dangerous,

I often give him the example of Inzaghi in the way of breaking and going inside the opposing defense.

I had thought about Soleri in the final against Cosenza

And finally, he explains why he preferred Mancuso to Soleri for the last substitution in the match against Cosenza.

In this initial part of the championship, the number 27 stood out as a substitute, scoring with Reggiana and providing an assist to Di Francesco with Feralpi.

Corini says: I had thought about inserting Soleri but since we often played in chains I preferred Mancuso to attack the far post, Soleri always trains well and is a great resource for us.

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