Corini press conference, Serie B against Bari

Corini press conference, Serie B against Bari

Corini press conference, Serie B against Bari

Corini at the press conference to present the match against Bari, before the championship, setting the goals for the season, the Serie A

Repeating mistakes? It depends on how you read them.

We played against a strong team that won the playoffs last year.

We played an important game in Cagliari, it’s true that we conceded goals from set pieces again, but we did too.

The goal conceded at the end hurt, I also told the boys, but the action was spoiled by a foul on Soleri.

The journey is never finished, we will have to improve on many things.

Stulac and Gomes together? I already had this idea last season, in fact I had already tried them in the last few games.

The desire is to make a proposal kick, against Cagliari the team was balanced, we had a very good defensive phase, the result was 0 – 0 over 90 minutes.

The market? Very good, we certainly got into trouble on the left wing, I want to congratulate Ceccaroni, who sacrificed himself in that role that he had only played a few times in his career.

We will certainly have to intervene in that role, but also in others. We want to improve the team further.

There will be no market hits before Bari, I asked for certain players, they will surely arrive after the San Nicola match.

Bari are disappointed by last season’s defeat, they deserved Serie A, but nobody takes away their excellent season, they too will want to be protagonists.

The playoffs are a lottery, we were sorry not to play them, but this year we want to go to Serie A, we want to be competitive again.

Bari is a strong team, they lost against Parma, which is another team that will be the absolute protagonist.

We want to try and take advantage of these 40 days of retirement to play a great game and go on to win.

Goal conceded in Cagliari at the end? I explained the mistakes to the players, we can’t afford certain oversights.

Lucioni was signed because he is a quality and experienced player, he is fundamental for his technical and emotional value.

It was a desired and sought-after purchase, he will have continuity during the season.

The Torretta sports center is something extraordinary for society, we thank Lieutenant Onorato but in the future all this will be a point of value for society.

PALERMO F.C. | Seasons

Insigne played a level match in Cagliari, he always gave the impression of being dangerous, but I expect something more from a qualitative point of view.

Vasic also played an important game. Meadows? It certifies that Palermo are competitive, his value was 5/6 million, he chose Serie A that we couldn’t give him.

We saw qualities in him.

Every coach would like to have the complete squad available immediately, but the market dynamics are now these, even for the big clubs.

The championship is long, we will try to integrate the newcomers as soon as possible.

We want to fill the stadium again, like we did against Brescia in the last game of last season.

Compared to last year, the level has risen. Predictions? I don’t like doing them, I’m interested in focusing on Palermo.

Stulac did a good training camp, I have to be attentive to what he can give me at the moment, he has to improve in condition.

I’ll have to accompany him as best I can, but he’s already kicking and moving freely, it’s important news for us.

Pain on dead ball? Our numbers are average, not negative.

When corners are taken by players with good feet and there are excellent jumpers in the area, it is difficult. Market fantasist?

We already have talented people.

We have to raise the level of the squad, in addition to Prati we have two or three other ideas, I hope that something will materialize after Bari.

Damiani and Saric coming out? At the moment we have 6 midfielders for three places, so they’re all starters.

If more arrive we will make evaluations. Morutan is one of the alternatives.

I respect Soleri very much, he has many admirers on the market.

When we both spoke we said it would be nice to continue together, the club was ready with the renewal.