Corini conference against Reggiana

Corini press conference, against Reggiana

The Corini press conference, before Reggiana vs Palermo Serie BKT

On the eve of the third day of Serie B, the Rosanero are expected at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia on Tuesday 29 August at 20.30.

There is still a whole season ahead and the path is long, the Serie B is a difficult championship for everyone, one match is not enough to determine an entire championship.

The team must always be supported throughout the entire process without creating stressful conditions as the championship has just begun, we give the team a chance to grow.

I don’t like the criticisms that just want to destroy, to facilitate a growth path you need time, even if we win the next two we won’t be able to say we have won the championship.

Here we judge everything, always and in any case.

There is always something negative.

I’m pissed sincerely because I’m really broke.

Everything must always be judged extremely.

We are at the first championship, enjoy the course.

In the last 50 years, Palermo has won the championship twice and before the bankruptcy they did one year of D and two of C.

Enjoy the path, give yourself a chance to work. Try to understand where we are coming.

There is the will to make a great championship. You can’t always take everything to extremes.

It is a healthy team with excellent players and the enthusiasm of a newly promoted team.

They came back in both Monza and Como with a great second half and made 6 at Pescara after going down by two.

In Cittadella they lost, but they always stayed in the game.

Alessio Buttaro was injured. He is not among the summoned. Corini talks about what happened in training this morning.

Buttaro, following a game collision remedied yesterday in training, underwent instrumental investigations.

Which highlighted a sprain trauma to the left ankle and a first degree distraction lesion of the myotendinous junction of the popliteal muscle of the same leg.

The footballer has already started the physiotherapy course.

His ankle twisted in a game clash, we hope to recover it in about a month, I’ll talk about it with the club even if it’s not a very serious injury.

Valente on the right is an excessive forcing, Lund on the right is totally excluded, Graves can be adapted but basically has different attitudes.

Gomes can do well both from inside and from central, it’s not a problem to play with Mancuso and Brunori together, and let’s not forget Soleri.

Mancuso adapts to play both as a forward and more from the side on the wing, talented players can turn on at any time of the game.

Insigne knows this category very well, and I’m sure his performance will improve from game to game.

Liam Henderson is officially a Palermo player, he arrives on loan from Serie A team Empoli.

A player that Corini already knows from having coached him two years ago in Lecce.

Henderson is a quality and fast-paced player, in Lecce he played both as an attacking midfielder and as a full back, he is a versatile player with good technical quality.

We will evaluate on the basis of the market what opportunities there will be for the midfield, I expect more goals from the midfielders and the acquisitions of Vasic and Henderson go in that direction.

If you are a professional you have to adapt to any situation including the closure of the market during the championship.

I would still consider closing it before starting to play, Ceccaroni did very well as a full-back but having one in his role is different, even if in retirement he was unable to work with us.

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