Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

Highlights F.Andria - Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

At the Stadio degli Ulivi, Fidelis Andria and Palermo face off on the thirteenth day of group C of Serie C. The bottom of the ranking of the southern group hosts the Sicilian team led by Giacomo Filippi in search of second place. The coach originally from Partinico changes his form again and chooses the 3-5-2: Valente and Almici will act on the side lanes, Brunori and Fella are the forwards.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

The match between the rosanero and the Apulian club begins, the first ball is entrusted to the visiting team wearing the white jersey; Mr. Ginestra’s team, on the other hand, is in a blue suit. At 3 ′ there is the first chance of the match for the hosts, with Di Piazza who fits well among the Sicilian defenders and tries the conclusion from the edge of the area.

The following minutes of the meeting are used by both teams to study better, in search of the right way to go online. Palermo, around 18 ‘, tries to attack for several moments in a row without finding the right opportunity to take the lead.

Minute 23, Tulli receives the ball in the left lane and after stopping it moves towards the center to try the conclusion, Buttaro however puts his head and sends the ball for a corner. At 26 ‘Palermo takes the lead!

On the development of a free kick, Brunori receives the ball inside the penalty area with his back to the goal and after passing two opponents he kicks with his left hand diagonally beating Dini! Change the partial, rosanero ahead 1-0.

At 33 ‘De Rose steals the ball in midfield and starts the counterattack for the rosanero: the ball is served on Fella’s feet in the right lane, the number 23 moves it to his left foot and tries the conclusion that is inaccurate, high ball above the crossbar.

At 39 ′ Valente pushes well in his own lane, the ball arrives on Almici’s feet, the opposite winger, who kicks without going too far from the post to Dini’s right. A few seconds later, danger for Palermo with Pelagotti who does not block the ball at the exit favoring an opponent;

Marconi then sweeps away with team protests and home fans demanding a penalty kick. At 42 ′ Dall’Oglio tries a long-distance conclusion by touching the crossbar. Three minutes later, the referee blows his whistle twice and sends everyone to the locker room without allowing any injury time.

SECOND HALF / Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

The recovery begins with the first ball played by the hosts. The second part of the match kicks off at a slow pace, in fact both teams try to play the ball more by defending in a precise and timely manner. He arrives at the unspecified conclusion DallOglio, from outside the box, at minute 58.

A minute later the first substitution of the match arrives, Ginestra sends Alberti on the field in place of Di Noia. At 63 ‘Palermo doubles! Perfect counterattack for the rosanero with Fella serving Valente on the left at full speed, the number 30 of the Sicilians is lucid and serves on the opposite side Almici who only has to support in goal! The result changes again and becomes 2-0 in favor of Filippi’s team.

Fidelis Andria is now looking for the motivation to try to reopen the game. At 70 ‘the hosts make another substitution, Bonavolontà enters and Tulli exits.At 75 ‘the first substitutions also arrive for Giacomo Filippi: Fella and Almici leave the field and give way to Soleri and Lancini.

At 78 ′ opportunity for Soleri who receives the ball in the middle of the penalty area from Buttaro but does not center the goal in his conclusion. After a round of hands, still substitutions for Mr. Ginestra: Nunzella and Bubas enter the field and take the place of Carullo and Zampano.

Palermo also sent fresh forces on the field, in fact Dall’Oglio and Valente left the pitch while Luperini and Crivello took their place. At 85 minutes Bubas tries with a dangerous header, but Pelagotti blocks the ball. Shortly after the game stops due to a problem in De Rose’s leg, the medical staff intervenes. No serious problem for the captain of the Sicilians who returns to the field.

At 90 ‘the fourth official raises the luminous scoreboard, there will be four minutes of recovery. Once the extra time is over, the director of fara whistles three times, there is no more time. Fidelis Andria-Palermo ends 0-2, the rosanero get the second place in the standings.

VIDEO / Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

THE TABLE / Highlights F.Andria – Palermo, 2nd away won for the rosanero

F. ANDRIA: 99 Dini, 3 Carullo (from 79 ‘Nunzella), 4 Venturini, 8 Bolognese, 9 Di Piazza, 10 Di Noia (from 59’ Alberti), 14 De Marino, 20 Casoli (cap.), 23 Sabatino, 26 Tulli (from 70 ‘Bonavolontà), 93 Zampano (from 79’ Bubas). Available: 1 Vandelli, 22 Paparesta, 6 Dipinto, 13 Lacassia, 19 Bubas, 21 Nunzella, 24 Gaeta, 25 Fur, 29 Alberti, 30 Bonavolontà. Coach: Ginestra.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 15 Marconi, 33 Perrotta; 29 Almici (from 75 ‘Lancini), 11 Dall’Oglio (from 80’ Luperini), 20 De Rose (cap.), 19 Odjer, 30 Valente (from 80 ‘Crivello); 23 Fella (from 75 ‘Soleri), 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 5 Marong, 6 Crivello, 7 Floriano, 10 Silipo, 17 Luperini, 27 Soleri, 31 Corona, 36 Mauthe, 54 Peretti, 79 Lancini. Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Caldera (Como). Assistants: Carrelli (Campobasso) – Catani (Fermo). Fourth Official: Palmieri (Conegliano).

SCORERS: Brunori (26 ‘), Almici (63’).

NOTES: Booked: De Marino, De Rose, Almici, Pelagotti, Ginestra, Lancini, Bonavolontà.

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