Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla

Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla

Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla

Palermo coach Giacomo Filippi answers journalists’ questions in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match (Wednesday 20 October) against Virtus Francavilla.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

We need to work on mistakes. In the immediate redemption of a performance where there was amnesia that we cannot afford because we are an expert team and because we work on very specific dynamics. The second goal we concede in possession of the ball should make us reflect.

It is impossible to pass from a careful and determined performance to a very mediocre if not poor performance. We have taken all our responsibility for the fool. But in the match, there were several different matches.

To date, I don’t feel like talking about another defender. It was not an individual mistake but a collective one, you have to work on everyone’s head and leaders must be found in multiple departments. We must work as a team and always be a collective. Even in misfortunes.

Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla
Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla

We too ask ourselves who we are. I talked to the whole team and the players. They discuss this metamorphosis that occurs inside and outside the home. The answer I have this week is positive but we cannot go out on the pitch and leave so many ideas in the void. A team like ours that aims at important goals cannot have ups and downs.

Fans contest? I know the work I do carries these risks. I just feel like saying that every day I give my all to bring excellent results. The results themselves are the tip of the balance for every coach. In any square. If there are no results, it is right to question the coach but I have to look at mine. What is certain is that the performances leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Before I was a very atypical second. I am not very talkative by nature: I speak little and show my feelings differently. I am even now. I speak little with the players to justify a choice. I speak to the group and if I have to blame a player I do it in front of everyone. I’m very direct and straightforward.

Valente, Almici and Silipo? All three are available. We have recovered them and therefore we have them available. Yesterday I confronted the team and the field gives it confidence. With performance. Even when you win, the coaches are exonerated for no reason. I work well and try to do the best with the staff. The guys are working well and I don’t feel like blaming them for the performance. If the results do not come, ask questions.

In my opinion, it is better to go straight to the pitch and play to redeem ourselves. De Rose’s words? In my opinion, they leave no room for interpretation. My captain said that in their locker room if there is a problem, they will solve it among themselves. Whether it’s hard-nosed or not if they see it. But I don’t see the cracked locker room.

Lancini turns around saying that he hasn’t touched the opponent to his captain? I don’t think it was the occasion to argue. I have not misinterpreted the situation.

Corona? He has been part of our group since his retirement. He trains well and can play his part. I like it for ease despite a heavy result. We bet a lot on him. We hope he can enter a match where the tension is lower.

Virtus Francavilla is a team trained very well by Taurino. Very compact and balanced. He knows what he wants and it will be very difficult. We should be there to make it ours. Fans need to encourage the team. And if at the end of the game the performance was not there, it is right that they contest.

Naturally, each of us asks himself questions and gives himself some answers. I give myself my answers: the field and time will tell what they are.

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Coach Filippi before the 10th Match against V.Francavilla, here are the probable formations of match valid for the 10th day of Serie C 2021/22 (appointment Wednesday 20 October, at 21.00, “Renzo Barbera” stadium in Palermo):

PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Buttaro, Peretti, Perrotta; Doda (Almici), De Rose, Luperini (Odjer), Giron (Valente); Silipo, Soleri; Brunori.

Unavailable: Accardi, Marconi

Disqualified: Dall’Oglio

VIRTUS FRANCAVILLA (3-5-2): Noble; Idda, Miceli, Corporal; Pierno, Tchetchua, Toscano, Carella, Enyan; Perez, Fan.

Unavailable: Franco, Puntoriere, Maiorino

Disqualified: /

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