Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

Genoa Palermo 10/02//2023: The Palermo coach confirms the usual 3-5-2 with Pigliacelli in goal, a defensive trio made up of Mateju, Nedelcearu and Marconi with Valente and Sala acting as wingers in midfield.

First Halftime | Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

The teams enter the pitch, red and blue shirts and blue shorts for the hosts, while the guests play in all-white kits.

A minute’s silence at the “Ferraris” stadium in honor of the victims of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. Referee Marinelli whistles for the start of the match: Palermo strikes the first ball of this twenty-fourth day of Serie B.

The Ferraris match does not take off which, having reached the fifteenth minute of the first half, sees the two teams attentive in phase defensive but very confusing in the construction phase of the maneuver.

In the 17th minute, Genoa had the first big chance of the match who, after recovering the ball under pressure from Damiani, quickly restarted with Sabelli who put an excellent ball into the small area but Sala anticipated Coda’s tap-in, defusing the danger.

Landlords growing in this phase of the match, with very intense pressing and a series of good offensive plots that are putting the squad in difficulty.

In the 25th minute Genoa took the lead with Gudmundsson, good at persisting in the action after a rebound and finding an extremely precise diagonal low shot that overtook Pigliacelli with the help of the post.

In the thirty-minute, first yellow card of the match for Sabelli, sanctioned for dangerous play on Verre.

Unable to enter the match, even after the goal from the disadvantage, Palermo suffers a lot from Genoa’s suffocating pressing in the setting phase, failing to set up offensive maneuvers and often forced to make mistakes in the dribble phase.

In the 35th minute before, Palermo also had a great chance to score with Verre who, primed in the penalty area, freed himself with a couple of feints but his shot was literally blocked by Sabelli.

Still very dangerous pink in the thirty-seventh minute with Valente crossing into the area and Hefti anticipates both Brunori and Di Mariano ready in the small area with an excellent intervention.

Palermo definitely better in this final phase of the first half, with higher quality in dribbling and a couple of really important chances to find the equalizer.

In the 41st minute, the second yellow card of the match again for Genoa, this time Hefti sanctioned for dangerous play on Di Mariano.

After two minutes of added time, the first half ended between Genoa and Palermo, with the hosts ahead thanks to Gudmundsson’s goal.

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Second HalfTime | Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

The teams enter the field to resume hostilities, a change in the ranks of Palermo with the return to the field of Gomes in place of Damiani.

The hosts kick off the second half, the match between Genoa and Palermo restarts.

New phase of study between the two teams at the Ferraris, a slightly more proactive squad without however being able to shoot towards Martinez’s goal, more careful to cover the hosts instead trying to exploit the spaces to restart on the counterattack.

In the 60th minute Genoa showed up with a header from Bani following a cross from the right by Badelj, the shot was weak and Pigliacelli blocked without problems.

In the 65th minute, double substitution for Palermo: Di Mariano and Saric out, Tutino and Broh in.

In the 72nd minute another swirl of substitutions to the Ferraris, Puscas, Dragus and Strootman enter Genoa for Coda, Aramu and Sturaro while Soleri and Segre enter Palermo for Valente and Verre.

In the 75th minute booked, the first in Palermo’s ranks, for Segre who was cautioned and will miss the “Barbera” match against Frosinone.

In the 76th minute, a sensational occasion for Palermo with Soleri who, on Sala’s service, goes into a tap-in with a sure shot towards the goal, however finding the miraculous intervention of Martinez.

In the 77th minute Genoa also responded with Gudmundsson who, from the edge of the area, shot a lap by chipping the upper part of the crossbar.

Palermo under great pressure in this final match, Genoa in difficulty but defends itself carefully and tries to strike on the restart.

In the 84th minute another yellow card, this time for Mateju, he too was cautioned and like Segre he will miss the highly anticipated match against Frosinone.

In the 88th minute, a change between the ranks of Genoa: Gudmundsson out, certainly among the best on the pitch in the match, Jagiello in. Seven minutes of added time at the “Ferraris” before the end of the match.

In the 93rd minute another yellow card for Palermo, Nedelcearu sanctioned for protests.

In the 96th minute, Genoa closes the match in the restart: Marconi loses the ball and the ball reaches Puscas, a cross in the middle for Jagiello who alone in the area beats Pigliacelli for the 2-0 goal.

VIDEO | Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

Table | Genoa Palermo | Highlights 24th Serie B 22/23

GENOA: 22 Martinez, 2 Sabelli, 5 Dragusin, 9 Coda (from 72′ Puscas), 10 Aramu (from 72′ Dragus), 11 Gudmundsson (from 88′ Jagiello), 13 Bani, 27 Sturaro (cap.) (from 72 ′ Strootman), 32 Frendrup, 36 Hefti, 47 Badelj. Subs: 1 Semper, 3 Czyborra, 8 Strootman, 17 Salcedo, 24 Jagiello, 33 Matturro, 35 Lipani, 50 Yalcin, 57 Puscas, 66 Calvani, 68 Boci, 77 Dragus. Coach: Gilardino.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala, 9 Brunori (cap.), 10 Di Mariano (from 65′ Tutino), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 21 Damiani (from 45′ s.t. Gomes), 26 Verre (from 72′ Segre), 28 Saric (from 65′ Broh), 30 Valente (from 72′ Soleri), 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 2 Graves, 4 Orihuela, 5 Gomes, 7 Tutino, 8 Segre, 14 Broh, 25 Buttaro, 27 Soleri, 31 Aurelio, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

Referee: Marinelli (Tivoli). Assistants: Di Vuolo (Castellammare di Stabia) – Policeman (Cosenza). Fourth Official: Monaldi (Macerata). VAR: Abbattista (Molfetta). AVAR: Paterna (Teramo).

SCORERS: 25′ Gudmundsson, 96′ Jagiello.

NOTES: Ammonites Sabelli, Hefti, Segre, Mateju, Nedelcearu.