Palermo Frosinone, Corini Conference, 25th SerieB

Palermo Frosinone, Corini Conference, 25th Serie B

Palermo Frosinone, Corini Conference, 25th Serie B

Corini speaks on the eve of Palermo Frosinone in the press conference on the eve, between training issues to be resolved in view of the match against the “leaders”.

Undoubtedly, Frosinone is doing a championship of its own: they have won 6 consecutively, winning various types of matches.

For this, I congratulate Grosso. They have important players, they have lost Lulic but also recovered Kone.

Surely there were many reflections to understand how to start the match, also considering the absences due to disqualification. The goal is to build a team that has balance.

Buttaro? Surely in terms of attitude he has the characteristics to replace Mateju and I see him recovering; he misses the game, but I see him growing.

Graves? He has a good step frequency. Little one? There is the idea of starting him as owner. It’s an option I’m considering.

Too much enthusiasm and anticipation for this match? I answer like this: we are angry about the defeat in Genoa. Because we saw that we could play it.

And we know how many episodes can shift the inertia of a race. If we want to create a mentality, we need to push on this aspect too and work on why we didn’t get a result.

The drive for improvement is essential. If the fans will be even more in the stadium, it is because they are appreciating what we are doing.

The market we did was aimed at expanding the “field” of owners. I try to choose the most suitable players, but I think that in Genoa we dribbled badly and conceded goals in defending positions.

We worked on this: the concept is to be proactive, to dribble even so as not to give the opponent pace.

Gomes? He can grow a lot from an athletic point of view: he is finding balance, and my idea is to start him from the beginning.

Strategically, if I choose one thing, I will protect another.

Game with a clear head? For the qualities and characteristics, it is certainly an open game. We must and want to create a certain mentality: I hope that this emotional drive will lead to breaking the audience record.

And the game after as well. I continually ask my players to grow, I try to make them understand what it means to wear this shirt: they deserved the full stadium, but we must continue to deserve it.

Frosinone has a variety of constructions, when they take the ball they have many solutions. We have to be solid and have density in the middle of the pitch.

When we have the ball, we will try to dribble to find the right spaces.

I’ve seen the lads loaded and angry, the annoyance that pushes you to improve: the group has understood what to do to make the team stronger and stronger.

I give you? It is an important recovery, it comes from an injury, but he is pushing hard. If the teams have more resources, I’m happy.

The initial approach? If you see the start of Palermo – Perugia, actually the worst moment was after the two goals.

Sometimes there is a tactical concept of wanting to figure out how to deal with the opponent.

The team in Genoa had also held up well at the start: perhaps there was a lack of quality in some “half roads”.

We have to work every day, the market has improved to us, but we have to introduce new players in the best possible way.

We have always chased stability, now we have to keep the good by improving ourselves.

Palermo – Frosinone of 2018? Obviously I saw it at the time, I understand the regret, but our ability must also be that of not feeding too much the thirst for revenge.

It can sometimes destabilize you.

The sentiment of the fans must be taken into account, it must always be respected, but we must try to be lucid and aware of facing a strong opponent.

Masciangelo? He needed to get back in shape, if he’s called up it’s because there’s an improvement, but he needs to find stability on an athletic level.

I will evaluate whether to use it in some spare time.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Formations of Palermo Frosinone, Corini Conference, 25th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Graves, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Di Mariano, Verre, Gomes, Saric, Sala; Brunori, Tutino (Valente).

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Bettella

Suspended: Segre, Mateju

FROSINONE (4-3-3): Turati; Sampirisi, Szyminski, Radishes, Cotali; Rohden, Mazzitelli, Garritano; Insigne, Moro, Case.

Unavailable: Lulic, Bocic, Bidaoui

Suspended: Lucioni