Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia, a home victory !

Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

PALERMO – The rosanero team led by Giacomo Filippi and the Foggia coach Zdenek Zeman meet at the “Renzo Barbera” stadium in Palermo. The challenge is valid for the eighth day of group C of Serie C and in the sports facility of the Sicilian capital, both teams are looking for continuity of results for the rest of the championship. There is no shortage of expectations to attend a race full of twists.

FIRST HALF / Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

Teams on the pitch, the hosts attack from right to left in the rosanero jersey. Guests with the white shirt, the referee blows his whistle and the match begins! At 4 ‘comes the winning opportunity for Palermo: the rosanero steal the ball from their opponents, Brunori centrally holes the defense of Foggia and serves Floriano who face to face with Alastra makes no mistake and scores the goal of the momentary advantage! Brunori receives the ball at the edge of the penalty area at minute 8, kicks diagonally into the goal but Alastra blocks the ball.

On the 14th minute foray into the rosanero area of ​​Foggia, Odjer stops the opponent on a regular basis according to the match director, it will be a corner kick for the Apulians. Nothing dangerous for Pelagotti on the development of the corner.

PHOTOGALLERY Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

At 17 ‘Foggia scores with Sciacca after a super save by Pelagotti, but the referee stops the action for an offside position. At minute 20, Palermo doubles! De Rose steals the ball in the middle of the field and immediately verticalizes for Brunori who after a few meters ball and chain still beats Alastra!

Two minutes later Floriano, from the left-handed lane, serves Fella centrally, but Alastra reads the situation well and gets out of his posts sweeping the ball away. Ferrante at 23 ‘takes advantage of a rebound in his favor and kicks in the goal, Pelagotti saves without too much difficulty.

Palermo is still dangerous vertically on the Floriano-Brunori axis in the 29th minute: the Foggia goalkeeper still comes out of the goalposts and chases the 9 rosanero even outside his own penalty area, lands him almost on the backline, and is cautioned. Free kick for the rosanero very close to the corner flag, however badly exploited by Floriano because his cross goes off to the bottom.

At 34 ‘Ferrante tries to worry Pelagotti with a flying shot from the edge of the small area, but once again the Sicilian goalkeeper blocks the ball. In the last minutes of the first half with no special occasions on one side or the other, after a minute of injury time, the referee sends everyone to the locker room.

SECOND HALF / Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

The teams return to the pitch before the kick-off Zeman makes a double substitution: Merola and Gallo come out and give way to Merkaj and former Palermo Rizzo Pinna. Immediately after, the referee blows his whistle to start the second half. The game seems to continue in the same vein as the first half, with Palermo trying to become dangerous by stealing the ball and hitting Foggia on the counterattack.

At 53 ′ Brunori steals the ball in speed from Markic and tries the euro goal with a lob almost from midfield, the ball ends up just above the crossbar. Five minutes later Petermann tries with a long-range volley, Pelagotti is ready. Brunori again on the restart for the rosanero worries Alastra and the whole defense of the Apulians, Palermo gets a corner which, however, does not make the most of.

At 65 ‘change also for Filippi, Peretti enters the field in place of Marconi. Immediately after Brunori takes a free kick obtained by the rosanero previously, his conclusion touches the crossbar.

At 69’s excellent central incursion by Fella who is served by Floriano, his conclusion is blocked in two stages by Alastra. A few substitutions arrive soon after. For Foggia enters Girasole in place of Markic. Filippi, on the other hand, sends Soleri and Dall’Oglio to the pitch instead of the scoring players of the double rosanero advantage, namely Brunori and Floriano.

Zeman at 75 ‘sends Di Grazia on the field in place of Ferrante. Front-wheel drives Foggia in the final minutes of the match. The Apulian club led by Zeman is looking for the goal that could reopen the match 10 minutes from the end. At 82 ‘double change for Palermo, Fella and Lancini leave, and Luperini and Marong enter. Zeman also makes another substitution, Rocca comes out and gives way to Ballarini.

Penalty kick for Palermo! At 85 ‘Soleri enters the Foggia area and is landed by Siacca. It is the same number 27 of the rosanero who beat the penalty with coldness and decision and to send him on what seems to be the definitive 3-0! At 90 ‘always Soleri, on a cross from Doda, hits the crossbar with his head: the game, however, was stopped due to an offside position.

After a round of hands, Ballarini tries on Merkaj’s assist, high ball over the crossbar. Meanwhile, there are four minutes of injury time reported by the fourth man with the luminous scoreboard. At the end of the extra time the referee whistles, three times: Palermo-Foggia ends with the result of 3-0.

VIDEO / Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

THE TABLE / Highlights 8th round Lega Pro, Palermo vs Foggia

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 79 Lancini (from 83 ‘), 15 Marconi (from 65’ Peretti), 33 Perrotta; 77 Doda, 20 De Rose (chap.), 19 Odjer, 3 Giron; 23 Fella (from 82 ‘), 7 Floriano (from 70’ Dall’Oglio); 9 Brunori (from 70 ‘Soleri). Available: 12 Massolo, 5 Marong, 54 Peretti, 16 Mannina, 17 Luperini, 11 Dall’Oglio, 31 Corona, 27 Soleri. Coach: Filippi.

FOGGIA: 1 Alastra, 2 Garattoni, 4 Gallo (from 46 ‘Rizzo Pinna), 5 Markic (from 69’ Girasole), 8 Rocca (from 84 ‘Ballarini), 9 Ferrante (from 75’ Di Grazia), 10 Curcio, 18 Merola (from 46 ‘Merkaj), 19 Sciacca, 25 Petermann, 27 Martino. Available: 12 Volpe, 7 Rizzo Pinna, 11 Merkaj, 17 Vigolo, 20 Girasole, 21 Garofalo, 23 Di Jenno, 24 Ballarini, 26 Tuzzo, 28 Di Grazia. Coach: Zeman.

REFEREE: Monaldi (Macerata). ASSISTANTS: Dicosta (Novara) – Ciancaglini (Vasto). IV MAN: Gemini (Messina).

SCORERS: Floriano (4 ‘), Brunori (20’), Soleri (86 ‘).

NOTES: Booked: Giron, Alastra, Markic, Marconi, Dall’Oglio, De Rose, Sciacca, Luperini.

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