Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

After the draw in the derby against Messina, the rosanero are looking for the three points also to dispel the difficulties they have had away from home so far.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

The teams take the field and the referee, after the customary greetings, whistles the start of the match. In the third minute of play comes the first dangerous opportunity for the hosts who attack from left to right.

A cross from the left-handed lane is intercepted with a header by Bontà who rejoices after beating Pelagotti even if for a few moments, the referee in fact canceled the net for an offside position.

After another three minutes, Merkaj touches the goal post defended by Pelagotti with a rather risky conclusion for the rosanero. At 17 ‘Palermo takes the lead! After several minutes of stalemate in the challenge of the “Nuovo Romagnoli”, Brunori is served vertically by De Rose and anticipates Zamarion and the opposing defender with a decisive touch that is worth the 1-0 goal!

A turn of the hands is not enough for the immediate equalization of Campobasso! Merkaj escapes to the right and finds Emmausso in the middle who only has to support the net! At 19 ‘it is immediately 1-1.

In the middle of the first half, the match is experiencing sudden flare-ups. Campobasso and Palermo face each other openly managing to create several scoring chances. Probably the home team succeeds and becomes more dangerous, up to now, than the opponents.

At 33′ just the rossoblu make the ball turn well and reach the conclusion with Fabriani; the shot is not accurate and goes out on the bottom. At 40 ‘it is Odjer who causes a thrill to the opposing fans with a header that ends just above the crossbar. In the last minutes of the first part of the game, the rosanero try to keep Campobasso in their rear.

Felici is landed in the penalty area but for the referee, there are no details to whistle the penalty. After a minute of recovery, Mr. Longo himself whistles twice. After the first 45 minutes the partial result of Campobasso-Palermo is 1-1.

SECOND HALF / Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

The teams are back on the pitch. Before the kick-off, Baldini sent Silipo to replace Felici. Early stages of the recovery with Palermo in strong pressure on their opponents who, however, often manage to escape from the pressure of the rosanero. At 52 ‘the Sicilians get an interesting free kick on the edge of the opponent’s penalty area, Menna knocks down Brunori who had traded well with Silipo.

The number 10 of the rosanero goes to the ball to take care of the serve. The shot of the former Roma is an angled ban, Zamarion manages to reject the ball with difficulty which is hit by Odjer on the rebound! The referee seems to have assigned the goal to the Sicilians but the whole opposing team goes to protest with the linesman! The match stops for several minutes, but the referee’s decision arrives: it is not a goal for the rosanero!

The ball was stopped right on the goal line by Zamarion who saved the result at the last minute. At 61 ‘counterattack by the rosanero with Valente closely followed by Luperini and Silipo; arrived at the edge of the Molise area, the number 30 of the Sicilians stopped and tried a central and not very powerful conclusion, the porter of Campobasso parried with ease. At 63 ‘the first changes arrive for Cudini: Rossetti and Vanzan enter the field and take the place of Liguori and Emmausso.

At 66 ‘lightning restart also for the hosts, Pace is served inside the rosanero penalty area and face to face with Pelagotti shoots high. The result is still in a draw. At 69 ′ comes the advantage of Campobasso! Pace tries again to shoot inside the opponent’s penalty area and this time he manages to score the goal thanks to lightness from Pelagotti! The Molise club is ahead. Minute 73, Merkaj cannot continue the match so Bolsius enters his place. At 77 ‘Baldini changes again: Marconi, Luperini, and Valente leave the field, and Giron, Soleri, and Floriano enter their place. Minute 81, Brunori served by Floriano turns well towards Zamarion and tries the shot at the far post.

Unfortunately for him, the conclusion ends up not far from the opponent’s goal. Two minutes later another conclusion for the rosanero with De Rose, from outside the box, who touches the crossbar. Cudini still makes some substitutions: Giunta and Magri enter who take the place of Bontà and Dalmazzi. Palermo finds the equalizer! At 86 ‘Soleri recovers the ball from the side in the right lane; after passing an opponent he puts in the middle of a trailer for Brunori who just has to push her into the net! The result again in a draw. At 89 ‘there is a red card for Menna who stops Soleri irregularly and leaves the field for a double yellow card! Meanwhile, Palermo continues to attack while the fourth official announces five minutes of recovery with the luminous scoreboard.

After the extra time, there are no further opportunities for both teams. Campobasso-Palermo ends 2-2

VIDEO / Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

TABLE / Highlights Campobasso vs Palermo / 25th match Lega Pro

CAMPOBASSO: 12 Zamarion, 5 Menna, 6 Dalmazz (from 83 ‘Magri), 7 Bontà (cap .; from 83’ Giunta), 10 Emmausso (from 63 ‘Vanzan), 11 Pace, 18 Candellori, 21 Liguori (from 63 ‘Rossetti), 23 Fabriani, 26 Persia, 27 Merkaj (from 73’ Bolsius). Available: 1 Raccichini, 22 Coco, 2 Sbardella, 3 Vanzan, 8 Ladu, 9 Rossetti, 13 Martino, 14 Di Francesco, 16 Tenkorang, 19 Giunta, 30 Magri, 98 Bolsius.
Coach: Cudini.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 16 Somma, 15 Marconi (from 77 ‘Giron), 33 Perrotta; 20 De Rose (chap.), 19 Odjer; 30 Valente (from 77 ‘Floriano), 17 Luperini (from 77’ Soleri), 75 Felici (from 46 ‘Silipo); Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 7 Floriano, 10 Silipo, 21 Damiani, 23 Fella, 27 Soleri.
Coach: Baldini.

Referee: Longo (Paola). Assistants: Case (Nocera Inferiore) – Ceolin (Treviso). Fourth Official: Fontani (Siena).

SCORERS: Brunori (17 ‘), Emmausso (19’), Pace (69 ‘), Brunori (86’).

NOTES: Booked: Brunori, Bontà, Persia, Menna, Pace, Marconi. Expelled: Tenkorang (from the bench).