Highlights Palermo 1-0 Avellino, National playoffs

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Highlights Palermo 1-0 Avellino, National playoffs

FIRST HALF, 1st round of National Playoffs Serie C

The first ball of the match belongs to the guests, who will attack from left to right and take the field with the usual green shirt, white shorts, and socks. The rosanero also shows up with the usual pink shirt, shorts, and black socks. Management of the sphere of the hosts, who at 2 ‘try to break through from the left out with Valente, who crosses but there is Forte who is careful and postpone.

First corner kick of the match for the guests who, at 3 ‘, try to break through on the right side with Carriero. D’Angelo from Palermo is dangerous on the development of the corner kick, good at anticipating everyone but not very precise. 1 ‘later the rosanero Santana captain lights up, protecting the ball well and trying to deceive Aloi, forced to put him down.

Guests who today take the field with mourning on their arms to remember the 31-year-old Filippo Viscido, a former midfielder from Irpinia. Found dead a week ago near his home.

At 8 ‘inattention by Lancini, who postpones too sufficiently but hits Fella, forcing Pelagotti to intervene and sweep with his feet. Tempers light up a bit at 10 ‘, Maniero pretends a throw of the ball in the face of the rosanero Marconi defender, De Rose heads to the opponent’s attacker and with Mr. Gualtieri from the Asti section who must calm the spirits. Applause from the few present for Saraniti, good in the coverage phase.

The challenge between Santana and Aloi continues, with the Argentine trying to sprint at his bench. The number 4 bell to stop him has to put him down in an irregular manner. At 15 ′ the result is 0-0, with the pace between the two teams that has dropped slightly compared to the opening minutes. Santana serves Valente in the 22nd minute, the former Carrarese is anticipated by Ciancio, but Marconi puts a patch and sends a side foul.

A fight starts at 22 ‘. Broh is fouled by Lezza; De Rose tries to retrieve the ball immediately, with Ciancio pulling him. The referee is forced to show the yellow to De Rose and Ciancio.

The minute of silence begins to commemorate the victims of the Capaci massacre of May 23, 1992, with the few present in the stands of the “Barbera” giving heartfelt applause.

Yet another danger for Palermo at 31 ‘. Maniero does not make good use of a smooth shot in the area by Lancini and kicks on the defender. The hosts sweep on the ball Saraniti arrives who waving and hitting Aloi; for the referee, there is no doubt and he shows a yellow card to the Sicilian ram. At 33 ‘Carriero kicks from outside the area, with a shot around that blocks Pelagotti without problems. “Wolves” who have raised the pace again and Palermo must be careful not to leave spaces. Minute 34, Kanoute near the corner flag is doubled, manages to pass the ball onto which Valente pounces, the rosanero winger struggles with Aloi who has the upper hand.

In the 40th minute Tito sent a shiver to the rosanero defense, the number 3 arrived first of all on a wandering ball at the edge of the area and kicked a counterbalance, but did not hit the posts. When we reached minute 43 ′ Saraniti battles Illanes, the rosanero striker turns and serves Kanoute who, however, controls with one arm.

A first real chance for Palermo in the 45th minute, Kanoute unloads for De Rose positioned at the edge of the area, the midfielder tries to place them, but Forte flies and deflects in a corner kick. Yet another crowd around the referee, with Marconi and Fella staying down. The number 11 from Campania is very nervous, Marconi remains down and the players continue to argue heatedly.

After these contacts the first portion of the game ends, with the result 0-0 and a great deal to do for the referee, who had to show five yellow cards.

Photogallery of Palermo vs Avellino 1st of national playoffs

#capaci #falcone national playoffs
#capaci #falcone national playoffs

SECOND HALF: 1st round of National Playoffs Serie C

Immediately a change in Palermo. Accardi was on the field for Marong, who appeared a bit distracted in the first part of the match. Saraniti folds well in the coverage phase, the rosanero striker manages the ball and eases the pressure from the Campania region. Sicilians who manage the ball and the Campania region are waiting for a while. Break Palermo at 49 ′ with Valente doing everything by himself, skipping the opponent’s half defense and kicks towards the goal defended by Forte, forced to postpone with his fists. Try to ignite the challenge Santana, the Palermo captain tries to serve Kanoute placed in the area, Illanes dirties the trajectory and prevents the opponent from touching.

The Sicilians seem to have started this second part of the race better and can manage the ball, but they are unable to raise the pace. Carriero at 57 ‘tries to make himself dangerous from outside the area, the Campania player is good at arriving at the suggestion from Maniero, but the home defense sweeps. The attacker Maniero checks his chest and tries a quick turn, his conclusion is busted. A double chance in the rosanero at 60 ‘; Filippi sends Silipo and Floriano to Santana and Saraniti, with Kanoute playing as a central striker. Still no substitutions, however, for guests.

A ball that the rosanero players make run from left to right, with the “wolves” waiting. Aloi at 66 ‘from long-distance kicks towards the goal of the rosanero, his conclusion is inaccurate. Palermo which, now, is unable to build a noteworthy game. The fourth change in Palermo. Doda in the 72nd minute leaves the field to Peretti. The former Verona will play as a third defense and Accardi advances on the outside of midfield. Lancini battles with Fella, who manages to win a corner kick, from which, however, no danger arises.

At 75 ‘Braglia also changes something and changes his tips. Outside Maniero and Fella, inside Santaniello and Berardotto. Dangerous entry of Carriero against De Rose, the number 21 from Campania is cautioned. The game, when there are 10 minutes to go, is still blocked on the result of 0-0. Lottano Bernardotto and Lancini, with the rosanero defender winning a free kick. He tries to speed up Silipo, but D’Angelo is careful and stops him. In 1984, D’Angelo himself left the field to Di Francesco.

Penalty for Palermo in the 86th minute. Broh is brought down in the penalty area by Dossena, who is cautioned and protested at the referee’s decision. Floriano goes to the spot. Laezza has spoken to the referee who, however, is adamant. The former Bari waits for the referee’s whistle to start and kicks centrally, bagging the ball under the crossbar in the 87th minute. Therefore, Palermo ahead 1-0.

At 89 ‘central free kick for the guests, De Francesco on the ball that kicks with his right foot but his shot is high. There will be 4 minutes of recovery, with the Campanians all going forward to find the equal goal. Free kick for Avellino in the 92nd minute, the ball hits the crossbar, then Ciancio arrives and Pelagotti somehow moves away. Kicks De Francesco, but Accardi sweeps. Palermo is all in their own half.

After 4 ‘of recovery, the match ends with the result of 1-0 for Palermo. After the end, a lot of clusters light up with the players who get mad and the referee has his work cut out for.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 26 Marong (from 46 ‘Accardi), 13 Lancini, 15 Marconi; 2 Doda (from 72 ‘Peretti), 21 Broh, 18 De Rose, 14 Valente; 20 Kanoute, 11 Santana (from 60 ‘Silipo); 9 Saraniti (from 60 ‘Floriano). Available: 25 Faraone, 3 Corrado, 5 Palazzi, 6 Crivello, 8 Martin, 19 Odjer, 24 Somma, 29 Almici. Coach: Filippi.

AVELLINO: 22 Strong; 5 Laezza (C.), 13 Dossena, 31 Illanes; 23 Ciancio, 21 Carriero, 4 De Aloi, 27 D’Angelo (from 84 ‘Di Francesco), 3 Tito; 19 Manor (from 75 ‘Santaniello), 11 Fella (from 75’ Berardotto). Available: 1 Pane, 2 Rizzo, 8 Silvestri, 10 De Francesco, 14 Errico, 15 Rocchi, 17 Adamo, 28 Silvestri, 33 Baraye. Coach: Braglia.

REFEREE: Matteo Gualtieri (Zampese-Severino). FOURTH MAN: Federico Longo (Paola).

NOTES: Ammonito De Rose, Saraniti, Marconi (P), Ciancio, Laezza, Carriero, Dossena (A)

SCORERS: Floriano 87 ‘.

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