Palermo vs Avellino, 1st round national playoffs

1st round national playoffs

Palermo vs Avellino, 1st round national playoffs

Below is the arbitration designation of the match between Palermo and Avellino valid for the 1st round national playoffs of Italian Serie C.
Matteo Gualtieri of Asti, with the Assistants: Alberto Zampese from Bassano del Grappa and Antonio Severino from Campobasso and the IV Officer: Federico Longo di Paola.

Palermo vs Avellino, 1st round national playoffs

The Filippi’s Conference before the match of the 1st round national playoffs:

Palermo in pole position in the playoffs? Absolutely not, already from tomorrow’s match, we start underdogs against Avellino even if the field is the undisputed judge. The thing that reassures me a little is that the team is well both mentally and physically and trains very well. The Irpinia is a strong and compact team coached by a coach who made history in this category. Future? In my opinion, this team has a well-structured playing system, but then we’ll see anyway.

Avellino is a proven team that finished third but could also reach second place. We will go to meet a group set up for b, but we have been settling well on the pitch for a few weeks and I would say that the team is growing. I am very confident. They have been out for three weeks, it is natural that we have run in and we have never stopped. Having already played two rounds we have lost Luperini through disqualification and there are always some ailments.

I do not know who has an advantage, I’m sure that my team is fine and I’m sure they will be fine too. Saraniti? He will be sure of the game, then we’ll see if he starts from 1 ‘or if he starts from the game in progress. Palermo has a bright future because they have many young prospects on their own Many very young players and others in full maturity who can express considerable potential.

Today we are a team and we react to difficulties, the boys play for a goal and for a result. The growth has therefore been exponential. Lucca and Rauti out? I would have preferred to have everyone available, having more solutions gives you the possibility to change in course or to reinterpret the game modules. Those who took their place showed a lot.

We played an excellent match in Avellino, we were unlucky in the episode of the goal. We looked at everything we needed by studying the Irpinia in-depth, now we are waiting for tomorrow to play this double challenge with our heads held high. Braglia? Knowing him I would say that it was very contained (laughs ed), it is normal that all the coaches and all the teams aim for the goal. We must give everything to accomplish this feat.

Massacre of Capaci? For us Sicilians and Palermitans that day was a human tragedy, but from there the mentality of our population changed for the better. We managed through intelligence and maturity to defeat a stain that carries us around all over the world. To be part of this commemoration tomorrow is an honor

The two rounds were vital to move forward, this one against Avellino even more because we have to go beyond all our expectations. The Irpini are important, we have to put everything we put into the first two play-off matches to get through the round. Odjer, Almici, Somma, and Palazzi are doing very well, and compared to Castellammare we put energy into the tank and trained at full speed with the team. Pelagotti? I don’t think there is a sense of revenge regarding Avellino’s error in the regular season, Alberto is well and serene. We are working towards the 180 ‘, tomorrow is a game to win with the head.

Draw? We too would have liked to avoid a noble team like Avellino, but I would say that all the staff is important. It will be the pitch that will tell who worked best. Santana? Just like Floriano they will be dosed both in training and in the game even if they have never skipped a session, sometimes we stop them they would always play for them. Lancini? He is fine, he has trained in rhythm with the team. In the 180 ‘we will evaluate many things and we will implement the right strategy so as to be able to sip the energy of every single player.

It seems easy to tell the boys to improve their reading of the game, but I think we have made some progress in this. Saraniti? With this attitude it can only be decisive, it was he who made himself available to the team. Crivello and Martin? Yes. they are training well and always give their contribution, then the coach has to make choices because only 11 plus the five substitutes go on the pitch. At the moment other players give me more guarantees otherwise I would have no reason not to let them play “.

The video conference before Palermo vs Avellino, 1st round national playoffs.

The Highlights video for this 1st round national playoffs, here…

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