Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

The one against Messina is still a derby for Palermo, not felt like the one against Catania but it is still a derby. The eve of the match, however, was shaken by the death of Maurizio Zamparini, who for sixteen years was the owner of Palermo, leading the team to play the Europa League, touch the Champions League and play the Italian Cup final in Rome against Inter. Zamparini left a memory that will never be erased by the entire city.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

After the minute of silence in memory of Zamparini, who moved those present, the first ball is managed by the hosts. First minutes of possession for Palermo, with the Peloritani who are very cautious. Palermo opportunity at the 4 ‘of the game. Brunori serves Valente from the center-right, the former Carrarese tries a cross-shot deflected by Lewandowski that ends up right on the attacker’s feet who, however, stumbles and doesn’t hit well.

Palermo ahead at 13 ‘with Brunori. The Brazilian striker, positioned at the near post, is quick to throw in a cross from Valente’s right and bring him to 1-0. The winger took advantage of Carillo’s mistake who jumped out of time by favoring him and allowing him to carry the ball forward and serve his teammate who was good at putting it in.

The hosts have slowed down the pace a bit, but they always try to keep the pressure high and hurt the opponent; for its part, Messina is trying, in some way, to take the counter-moves, failing to hurt the rosanero.

Floriano is very close to the 2-0 goal. The winger in the 37th minute served Buttaro perfectly, the ball bounces in front of him and he hits her a bit on the knee with the thigh and sends her out.

The 2-0 goal arrives in the 42nd minute with Valente who is the best in the field up to now. Floriano from the corner kick on the right catches him placed on the edge of the area, the winger only has to tame the ball and kick where Lewandowski cannot reach.

It goes to rest with the result of 2-0 and a Palermo that has dominated.

SECOND HALF / Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

Raciti starts the second half with a triple change. In the field space for Piovaccari, Russo and Fazzi entered for Damian, Rizzo, and Angileri. Baldini, on the other hand, leaves the same eleven players on the field as at the start of the match. The Peloritani starts strong with the desire to have their say in this challenge but is unable to sink.

A restart of Palermo led by Luperini who reaches the edge of the area and serves Floriano, the former Bari tries a shot at the far post which is deflected for a corner.

Messina shortens the gap with Conclaves in the 52nd minute. The number 3 from Peloritano is quick to arrive on a cross from the right served by Piovaccari and anticipate Buttaro, Pelagotti tries to intervene by deflecting the ball which, however, ends up on the post and later in the net.

The draw of guests at 62 ‘with Marginean. The attacker jumps all alone in the center of the area, Pelagotti fails to repel and has to retrieve the ball from inside the goal. All to be redone for Palermo. In 10 ‘the guests managed to set up a challenge that seemed closed and without history for what they won in the first half.

Baldini tries to change the inertia of the challenge by sending Felici and Soleri onto the field for Floriano and Luperini in the 63rd minute. The challenge lights up, the players push each other and the referee has to restore calm. Baldini tries to give back strength to him and in the 72nd minute, he sends Giron, Fella, and Perrotta on the field for Crivello, Marconi, and Valente.

There are 2 minutes left at the end, the two teams are very long, with the tiredness that is felt and a single mistake can be decisive.

Boos are raining from the stands of the Barbera, with the fans disappointed because the first half was domination, the second to be canceled and quickly forgotten if you want to try to fight for the top.

THE TABLE / Highlights Palermo vs Messina / 21st match Lega Pro

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini, 15 Marconi (from 72 ‘Fella), 6 Crivello (from 72’ Giron); 21 Damiani, 20 De Rose (chap.); 30 Valente (from 72 ‘Perrotta), 17 Luperini (from 63’ Soleri) 7 Floriano (from 63 ‘Felici); 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 4 Accardi, 10 Silipo, 11 Dall’Oglio, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 77 Doda. Coach: Baldini.

MESSINA: 22 Lewandowski, 19 Angileri (from 46 ‘Fazzi), 23 Trasciani, 18 Celic, 13 Carillo, 3 Concalves, 91 Rizzo (from 46’ Russo), 6 Fofana, 10 Damian (from 46 ‘Piovaccari), 24 Marginean, 9 Adoring. Available: 12 Caruso, 5 Fantoni, 7 Russo, 8 Simonetti, 11 Balde, 14 Konate, 16 Camilleri, 21 Rondinella, 28 Giuffrida, 77 Statella. Coach: Raciti.

Referee: Pascarella (Somma-Nasti). Fourth Official: May (Lodi).

NOTES: Lewandowski, Fazzi, Conclaves, Statella (M), Crivello, Lancini (P),

SCORERS: Brunori 13 ′ (P), Valente 42 ′ (P), Conclaves 52 ′, Marginean 62 ′ (M),