Highlights of a dull game, Vibonese 0 – 0 Palermo

vibonese palermo 1st half time

Vibonese 0 – 0 Palermo
Highlights of a dull game!

Palermo arranged as usual with the 4-2-3-1 with Pelagotti between the posts, Accardi and Crivello low outside, Lancini-Somma central couple to compose the rearguard. Odjer and Broh inside in the median, Kanoute, Luperini, and Valente form the offensive trident in support of Lucca, the buoy terminal of the advanced department.

The departure of the rosanero team seems rather encouraging, intensity and distances between the departments seem the right ones, Palermo shows personality and a good attitude accompanying the usual propositional nature. At the quarter of an hour, the guests show off a type of play that has not been used too much so far: Odjer loads the right from twenty-five meters and calls Marson to a rejected that is anything but trivial. The extreme defender of Vibonese on the shields a few minutes later: cross from Valente and imperious detachment from Lucca who called the former rosanero goalkeeper to a real feat.

The hosts make themselves dangerous at minute twenty-seven: percussion on the left-handed track and grazing shoot-cross that cuts the small area and finds Crivello ready to close on the current Statella. The Boscaglia team interprets the first fraction in the best possible way and does not mind at all for how it moves together in both phases of the game.

The pressing line remains high, with Luperini and Broh good at shortening forward and dirtying the first opponent’s possession with the help of Lucca. Admirable punctuality and self-denial with which the team reassembles itself under the line of the ball when it is in the availability of the Calabrians, Palermo crouching short and tight in a sort of 4-5-1 with great participation also of the two quills of the trident, Valente, and Kanoute when folding.

The maneuver runs quite smoothly in the setting phase with the usual search for width, the side chains work properly, churning out repetitive crosses for Lucca’s head. A pinch of clarity and precision is lacking in the last step, just as Odjer and his companions’ plots do not always find verticality and development in depth with the right timing. However, he is a strong-willed, intense, and balanced Palermo, who makes the game and gives the crumbs to the Vibonese. The first half ends with white nets.

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Dull game Ex Vibo Saraniti Pal changes
A dull game the Ex Vibonese players, Saraniti Palermo changes

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Palermo starts the second half on boarding. At 48 ′ Kanoute skips the defense of the Vibonese and shoots, but Marson still says no. Plescia replies who turns well in the area and finds Pelagotti prepared.

The game changes in the 60th minute, when Statella takes the second yellow card and is sent off for an entry on Valente in midfield. The Sicilian team tries to take advantage of the situation: Rauti and Floriano enter in place of Broh and Valente to give more weight to the attack.

Instead, it is Reason at the 81st that surprises Boscaglia’s defense: Pelagotti’s intervention is fundamental, and he makes a practically certain goal face to face with the player. At 88 minutes, Rauti tries with a shot from outside. Marson always alert.

Saraniti at the last second overtook Marson and leaned back firmly, but found Mahrus’s foot on the line. This dull game It ends 0-0 with Palermo failing to win the Vibonese despite the numerical superiority.

The official formations:

VIBONESE (3-4-3): Marson; Sciacca, Redolfi, Mahrous; Ciotti (from 55 ‘La Ragione), Laaribi, Tumbarello, Rasi; Berardi (from 55 ‘Vitiello), Plescia (from 82’ Paris), Statella.

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Somma, Lancini, Crivello (from 79 ′ Corrado); Broh (from 66 ′ Rauti), Odjer; Kanoute (from 79 ‘Silipo), Luperini, Valente (from 66’ Floriano); Lucca (from 55 ‘Saraniti).

Here the Highlights of this dull game

Palermo cannot find the victory against Vibonese
in the first official dull match between the two teams.