Mr.Nardini, Conference before the match against Picerno

Mr.Nardini, Conference before the match against Picerno

Mr.Nardini, Conference before the match against Picerno

The match with Picerno will be a crucial point for Palermo’s season finale. This is the message sent by Mauro Nardini, Baldini’s assistant coach (out for Covid), on the eve of the fourth-last day of the championship, therefore decisive for the playoff fight.

We have a very important match tomorrow and we need to give continuity to our path. Tomorrow there is something to win. The conditions are there, the team has trained well and is aware of its perhaps. In front, however, we have a strong team, with a lot of self-esteem, which are in eighth place. We have to think about going to win, like last Wednesday: there was pressure and the team was very short. We must not lose sight of this philosophy of ours

We have already forgotten the three draws and the negative situations. We feel very strong after the last victory. Winning tomorrow would mean taking a big step forward, to play the last three fights in a positive way, which will be very difficult. Winning tomorrow would give us strong self-esteem

Luperini came back this morning, he did his training and everything is fine. It’s from the rose. Afterward, I will call Baldini and tell him the conditions: he will tell me about the training. The celebration at the end of the game was not controversial: it was a way of cheering and attracting attention. He was happy. Luperini is a passionate boy, a golden boy and I don’t think he has other aims. He made that gesture but it wasn’t reported to anyone. After the game, the adrenaline is a thousand

Lancini is fine and recovered after the match against Taranto. The only one who is not doing the best is Dall’Oglio, who in any case is disqualified and will not be able to play.

Picerno is in shape: it comes from a comeback victory in a derby. Forward has important players, who can make a difference. But we know our value, we must not have too many thoughts and play like Wednesday. We have to do what the coach tells us: stay short and attack. We all have to give something more, in order to then be able to play the playoffs in the best possible way

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Team Formations / Mr.Nardini, Conference before the match against Picerno

Baldini should confirm the formation that clearly beat Taranto. The only change concerns the midfield: Dall’Oglio, in fact, is disqualified while Odjer returns from the stop session. The form is always 4-2-3-1

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; De Rose, Damiani (Odjer); Valente, Luperini, Floriano; Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong, Doda

Disqualified: Dall’Oglio

PICERNO (4-4-2): Viscovo; Garcia, De Franco, Allegretto, Setola; De Cristofaro, Pitarresi, Senesi, Esposito; Gerardi, Paris.

Unavailable: Albadoro, D’Angelo, Vanacore, Finizio, Vivacqua, Guerra

Disqualified: Dettori