Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

The team led by the rosanero coach Silvio Baldini returns to play within the friendly walls of “Renzo Barbera”. On the occasion of the recovery of the 22nd day of group C of Serie C, Palermo hosts the Taranto of mister Laterza.

First Half Time / Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

The first ball of the match is entrusted to the Sicilians who attack from left to right in the rosanero jersey, while the visiting team today is in white suits: the “Renzo Barbera” challenge begins. At 3 ‘ minutes, Palermo takes the lead! The rosanero got off to a strong start and got a corner kick from Dall’Oglio who needed a perfect assist for Luperini;

The header of the number 17 is accurate and beats Chiorra on the far post! Shortly after Brunori was served in the penalty area, the number 9 of the rosanero attempts the first intention but this time the goalkeeper of the Puglia is attentive and saves in two halves. At 7 ‘Pelagotti commits himself to a precise shot by Di Gennaro and manages to parry the conclusion; a few moments later the same goalkeeper of the rosanero misses a back pass that risks ending up in the goal behind him, a thrill for the few fans present at the stadium.

The rhythms are lowered and Taranto tries to be seen forward around the 24 ‘with a cross in the middle that could become dangerous swept away by MarconiAt 28 ‘Palermo responds with yet another ball recovered in mid-field: ball vertically for Brunori who points the opponent in the area, overtakes him with a double step and kicks at the goal with his left-handed, touching the post to the right of Chiorra. At 36 ‘the doubling of Palermo arrives! Accardi moves well in the right lane serving Valente in depth.

The number 30 of the rosanero sees the cut in the penalty area by Brunori and serves him with a precise pass: the Palermo striker makes no mistake and first bags the ball. Only 5 minutes pass and Brunori still drops the trio! Valente finds Floriano with a perfect vertical pass, who enters the edge of the area and kicks at the goal. The extreme defender of the Apulians saves the conclusion but on the rejected number 9 of the Sicilians is ready and his shot goes to the net. The first half ends with the rosanero’s trio after the extra time granted by the match director of one minute.

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Second Half Time / Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

Before the second half, coach Nardini sent Damiani to the field in place of Dall’Oglio. Immediately after, the match starts again, with the ball beaten by Taranto. In the 52nd minute, Taranto scored with the former rosanero Davide Di Gennaro who was served in the penalty area and first intentionally kicked on goal under the intersection of the goalposts. Three minutes later, Palermo is missing a golden opportunity to reach 4-1! Valente runs ball and chain for 70 meters, in the penalty area but decides to kick on goal despite Floriano and Damiani being free.

Taranto sends fresh forces on the field and at 57 ‘mister Laterza replaces Pacilli and Giovinco with Santarpia and Manneh. Another three mintues pass and Luperini misses yet another scoring chances: first with an empty-net without being able to send the ball into the net and without hitting the goal a few moments later at the height of the spot in the opposing penalty area. At 64 ‘another change for the guests, Ferrara enters Di Gennaro’s position. Poker of Palermo at minute 69! Luperini is served between the lines and from the edge of the area kicks on goal, his shot is deflected by a defender and mocked Chiorra.

At 73 ‘some changes also arrive between the rosanero: Brunori and Floriano leave the pitch and give way to Soleri and Felici. Shortly afterwards Soleri also enters the field, replacing Valente. Last changes also for the visiting team: outside Civilleri and De Maria, inside Cannavaro and Mastromonaco. Finally, at 85 ‘Luperini also leaves the field and gives way to Fella. The substitutions for both teams end. One minute from 90 ′ the rosanero exchange very well and with several touches from before they enter the penalty area with De Rose who, face to face with Chiorra, shoots but fails to score.

Just a turn of the hands, however, to see the fifth goal of the rosanero. At 91 ′ Soleri is smart about the header missed by the opposing defender, recovering the ball he runs towards the Taranto goal, centers himself, and kicks by placing the ball in the corner to the right of Chiorra. Manita dei rosanero! Before the triple whistle there is the goal of Taranto with Lancini who suffers the rebound and sends the ball towards his own goal. Immediately after the match director whistles the end of the match. Palermo-Taranto ends 5-2.

Video / Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

Table / Highlights Palermo vs Taranto /22nd match recovery Lega Pro

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 79 Lancini, 15 Marconi, 3 Giron; 20 De Rose (chap.), 11 Dall’Oglio; 30 Valente (from 80 ‘Silipo), 17 Luperini (from 85’ Fella), 7 Floriano (from 73 ‘Felici); 9 Brunori (from 73 ′ Soleri). Available: 12 Massolo, 6 Crivello, 10 Silipo, 16 Somma, 21 Damiani, 23 Fella, 25 Buttaro, 27 Soleri, 33 Perrotta, 75 Felici, 77 Doda. Coach: Nardini.

TARANTO: 22 Chiorra, 5 Zullo, 6 Riccardi, 9 Saraniti (cap.), 15 Pacilli (from 57 ‘Santarpia), 20 Labriola, 21 Di Gennaro (from 64’ Ferrara), 23 Benassai, 28 Civilleri (from 83 ‘ Cannavaro), 32 Giovinco (from 57 ‘Manneh), 97 De Maria (from 83’ Mastromonaco). Available: 1 Loliva, 12 Antonino, 2 Tomassini, 3 Ferrara, 11 Santarpia, 17 Granata, 18 Turi, 33 Manneh, 72 Mastromonaco, 88 Cannavaro. Coach: Laterza.

Referee: Longo (Paola). Assistants: Giorgi (Legnano) – Vettorel (Latina). Fourth Official: Catanoso (Reggio Calabria).

SCORERS: Luperini (3 ‘, 69’), Brunori (36 ‘, 41’), Di Gennaro (52 ‘), Soleri (91’) Lancini (own goal, 93 ‘).

NOTES: Booked: Dall’Oglio, Di Gennaro, Benassai, Damiani, Civilleri, Soleri.