Palermo Cosenza, Corini Conference, 32nd Serie B

Palermo Cosenza, Corini Conference, 32nd Serie B

Palermo Cosenza, Corini Conference, 32nd Serie B

Palermo Cosenza 08/04/2023: On Monday, April 10, the rosanero will take the field against Cosenza at the Renzo Barbera stadium.
Important points are up for grabs on both sides in the respective play-off and play-out races of the two teams.

We are proud that President Mattarella visited the stadium and the museum. We know that he is very knowledgeable about our events, and that is one more reason to give our all on Monday.

Mattarella is a genuine Palermitano, it is a pride to have him here. The fact that he follows the fate of the team has been a pleasure, knowing that he follows us is an extra incentive.

Cosenza is doing well, they are trained well, on the next opponents of the squad.

They have been in for a long time in a very low ranked area. They overturned the match against Reggina and started having strong results after that.

Furthermore, they have quality players in all departments. It’s an objectively dangerous team, and we also noticed it in the first leg, where overall we didn’t deserve to lose.

We have studied them well with the awareness that we have to work hard to beat them.

I think that if you are looking for an identity, there may be losing games and then working on what didn’t work.

In the first leg we made mistakes in the defensive phase. The reflection I made this week is that if we want to achieve a great goal, we have to win games.

To do this, we have to find a balance between the defensive phase and the offensive phase. I have to find the correct synthesis to ensure that this balance leads us to win.

Di Mariano’s knee problem will keep him away from the field for a while: I’m thinking about an alternative to Valente given Di Mariano’s absence.

We are trying to recover him, but we don’t have a precise idea, he will surely miss two or three more games.

When I say I have to find a balance I am also referring to this, having a synthesis to have a balanced and proactive team.

We have a very specific idea, and we have to do the finishing touches tomorrow.

Verre and Nedelcearu arrive after a period of fever, on the numerous injured people of the past few days. This long week they got to come back.

Verre will start as owner, and we will see how much he can hold up. Marconi is also there, and he is finally free from injury.

Bettella suffered a slight annoyance and as a precaution we preferred to stop him. The others are all recovered.

Sala I saw him very well, he recovered. You have raised the bar in her role. Masciangelo is fine and can also play on the other side.

Cosenza has a particular way of building. They play a lot of depth and second ball.

We understood well how they intend to press them, and we have worked on how to go out and take advantage of them.

Parenthesis of the Bagnolo Mella coach also on the non-use of Renzo Orihuela: He came from a different football. Just three weeks ago, he had a muscle strain.

In a department where there were difficulties, I didn’t want to overload the boy.

He is a player similar to Mateju or Buttaro and since Lancini had trained well and has an aptitude for playing central and for this reason I chose to let him play.

Already back for about half an hour of play in Parma, Corini also focused on the captain of the rosanero: Brunori I saw him well.

It hadn’t happened to him for some time to enter a game in progress, this thing certainly limited him.

The fundamental thing was physical recovery, he is serene and motivated. These 25/30 minutes of Parma allowed him to break the fact that he hadn’t played for two weeks.

The team has grown a lot, and we need to take the next step. We have to go back to winning games.

With respect to the attack, when I say that we have raised the level, I am also referring to the fact that we must seek the correct balance on how to attack Cosenza and on how to act during the game.

We are evaluating other solutions for the penalty taker, I will evaluate in the finishing. We haven’t decided yet who will be first.

Broh worked partially in a group, today I saw him better. Tomorrow he completes his finishing and if he passes it he can be summoned.

When you lose, it’s never easy. For an hour in Parma, I was also very angry, we were in control of the match.

Despite the difficulties, we played a solid match. The input of the week was to react to frustration. We have the feeling that we can do well in these 7 games.

Monday’s race could become very important for our path. Making the full result could allow us to play the last six games the way we want.

We want to excite the public, and we want to finish with great enthusiasm. Playing in queue is always peculiar.

This is also part of personality and growth. It is undeniable that when you play in the queue you have already seen everything and maybe some different emotion arrives, concludes Eugenio Corini.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Palermo Cosenza, Corini Conference, 32nd Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valens, Saric, Gomes, Verres, Aurelius; Brunori, Soleri.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Di Mariano, Bettella

Disqualified: /

COSENZA (4-4-2): Micai; Rispoli, Vaisanen, Meroni, Martino; Marras, Brescianini, Voca, Florenzi; Delic, Nasti.

Unavailable: Zarate, Praszelik, Rigione, Agostinelli

Suspended: D’Orazio