Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

Palermo Cosenza 10/03/2023: The Rosanero team faces a team in great health, coming from three consecutive victories and after beating teams of the caliber of Frosinone and Pisa.

FIRST HALF | Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

First ball entrusted to the rosanero who attack from left to right. The match director blows his whistle for the start of the match.

After a few seconds of play, Brunori earns a free kick from an interesting position, just beyond the opponent’s penalty area.

Valerio Verre goes to kick, but his shot goes high over the crossbar. In the 5th minute, on the development of a corner kick, Gomes tries a shot from the edge, but blocked by the Cosenza defense.

After a sprint start by Corini’s men, around the 15th minute the rhythms slow down, but control of the game remains between the Sicilians’ feet.

In the 23rd minute, Viali’s team shows itself forward and a super intervention by Pigliacelli is needed to stop Meroni’s header with a sure shot.

In the 29th minute Vaisanen from Cosenza was forced to leave the field due to a physical problem, Venturi entered in his place.

The following minutes the rhythms slow down again and the race lives on few emotions.

Palermo tries to build some offensive actions, but often the advances of the pinks run out more horizontally than vertically.

The Calabrians defend themselves and try to hurt on the counterattack, but the Sicilians’ defensive department holds the shots of the rossoblù counterattacks well.

At the end of the two minutes of added time, the match director sends everyone to the locker room. Goalless first half at the “Renzo Barbera”.

SECOND HALF | Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

In the second half the guests beat, the referee blows his whistle and the match starts again.

The 47th minute Brunori receives the ball from Nedelcearu in a tight position, the squad’s number 9 centers and tries the shot at the near post which is saved by Micai.

Five minutes later, Soleri tries to worry the Cosenza goalkeeper on an action developed from the right lane; the Palermo striker tries to kick on goal, but the ball is weak and Micai blocks it easily.

In the 67th minute, Cosenza made two substitutions: Florenzi and Nasti came out, giving way to D’Urso and Delic. Following, Corini sends Valente and Damiani on the field in place of Verre and Saric.

Unconvincing second half for the pinks, who can’t worry about the opposing goal.

In the 77th minute, Corini sends Sala and Tutino onto the field in place of Marconi and Segre. In the 83rd minute, Brunori left the field for Vido.

After two rounds of the hands, Cosenza dangerous from a corner with a header from Delic that grazes the far post of the goal protected by Pigliacelli.

In the 89th minute, Viali sent Zilli onto the field in place of Finotto. At the end of the 90 regulation minutes, the fourth official shows the luminous board: there will be 4 minutes of recovery.

The 92nd minute Cosenza scored with Delic after a personal action by Marras who had made Sala drunk with a series of feints.

However, the match director canceled the Calabrian goal due to an offside position after a check with the VAR.

A minute later it is D’Urso who goes close to scoring with Pigliacelli blocking the outgoing conclusion.

After the extra time, the match director whistles three times: Palermo Cosenza ends 0-0.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Palermo Cosenza | Highlights 32nd Serie B 20/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 5 Gomes, 8 Segre (from 77′ Tutino), 9 Brunori (C.; from 83′ Vido), 15 Marconi (from 77′ Sala), 18 Nedelcearu,
26 Verre (from 68′ Valente) , 27 Soleri, 28 Saric (from 68′ Damiani), 31 Aurelio, 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 3 Sala,
4 Orihuela, 7 Tutino, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 30 Valente, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

COSENZA: 1 Micai, 3 Rispoli, 4 Brescianini, 6 Calò, 13 Meroni, 15 Vaisanen (from 29′ Venturi), 16 Finotto (from 89′ Zilli),
20 Nasti (from 67′ Delic), 27 Martino, 32 Marras , 34 Florenzi (from 67′ D’Urso). Subs: 77 Marson, 7 Kornvig, 10 D’Urso,
14 Salihamidzic, 19 Delic, 23 Venturi, 33 La Vardera, 38 Cimino, 40 Zilli, 48 Arioli, 67 Prestianni, 72 Cortinovis. Coach: Avenues.

Referee: Sacchi (Macerata), IV Official: Perri (Roma 1), Assistants: Capaldo (Naples) and Moro (Schio), VAR: Marini (Roma 1), AVAR: Rutella (Enna).


NOTES: Booked: Brescianini (C), Marconi (P), Finotto (C), Florenzi (C), Mateju (P), Valente (P), Gomes (P).