Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Palermo Reggina 05/02/2023: The rosanero led by Eugenio Corini returns to the Renzo Barbera stadium on the occasion of the 23rd day of the Serie B championship, that the rosanero host coach Pippo Inzaghi’s Reggina.

First Halftime | Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Kick-off scheduled at 16.15. The teams enter the field of play, before the initial whistle of the match a minute’s silence is respected in memory of Vito Chimenti.

Palermo attacks from left to right, in pink shirt and black shorts; guests are in white suits. The referee kicks off and the “Barbera” match begins.

In the first minutes of the match, the teams continue to study each other, waiting for the opponent’s inattention to sink the blow.

In the 18th, minute, Valente tries to finish from a tight angle in the amaranths’ penalty area, but Contini blocks the shot well.

A minute later, always Valente, on a free kick, touches the crossbar of the goal defended by the Calabrian extreme defender.

In the middle of the first half, the pace slowed down, but the two teams continued to attack, trying to impose their game.

The challenge is balanced, with changes in front of one side to the other, even if the dangerous actions are still few. Without injury time, the match director sends everyone to the locker room in the 45th minute.

After the first half, the partial result is still 0-0.

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Second HalfTime | Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Before the start of the second half, coach Corini immediately sends Verre onto the field, who takes the place of Segre in the median.

Afterward, the referee starts the second half. A few seconds pass and Palermo gets a penalty! Brunori enters the opponent’s area and with a feint jumps Gagliolo who trips him, the referee has no doubts and points to the spot.

The same number 9 of the rosanero goes on the ball, kicking with his right foot and displacing Contini. Rosanero ahead with Brunori.

In the 58th minute a dangerous restart for the rosanero with Brunori carrying the ball and chain for several metres, but is recovered by Majer in a situation of numerical superiority.

In the 60th minute, Inzaghi sends reinforcements onto the field: Menez and Canotto come out and Strelec and Cicerelli enter. After a couple of minutes, Corini sends Broh onto the field, who takes Damiani’s place.

In the 72nd minute, Liotti tries to shoot from the edge of the Rosanero penalty area, the ball goes wide.

A few moments later, the rosanero were still dangerous on the counterattack with Brunori serving Di Mariano in a two-on-two match in the opponent’s penalty area: the number 10 attempted a first intention shot, but the ball went high over the crossbar.

In the 76th minute, Reggina finds the advantage! Rivas puts a ball into the middle from the right lane, Strelec enters and is hit by the ball which in turn pockets in the net, Pigliacelli can do nothing.

Corini then replaces the two forwards and sends Soleri and Tutino onto the field.

And the changes prove the pink coach right! In the 81st minute Mateju recovers the ball from the right, crosses in the middle and finds Soleri’s header who sends the ball under the crossroads to bring the hosts back into the lead.

Immediately afterward, Inzaghi also changed in attack, inserting Gori in place of Rivas. Debut at the “Barbera” for Graves, who after a turn of the hands takes the place of Valente.

In the 86th minute another substitution for Reggina with Bouah taking the place of Pierozzi. In the 90th minute, the match heats up and Majer gets his second yellow card for a foul on Verre and is sent off.

Immediately afterward, the referee was called back to the VAR for a foul on Soleri in the penalty area: after the on-line review, the referee awarded the penalty to rosanero!

Tutino goes to the penalty spot, who kicks with his right foot but hurts it and has Contini save his shot. There will be six minutes of recovery assigned by the referee.

After the extra time, extended by another three minutes, the referee blows his whistle three times! Palermo Reggina ends 2-1.

VIDEO | Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

Table | Palermo Reggina | Highlights 23rd Serie B 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala, 8 Segre (from 46′ Verre), 9 Brunori (cap.; from 77′ Soleri), 10 Di Mariano (from 77′ Tutino), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 21 Damiani (from 63 ′ Broh), 28 Saric, 30 Valente (from 84′ Graves), 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 2 Jensen, 4 Orihuela, 7 Tutino, 14 Broh, 25 Buttaro, 26 Verre, 27 Soleri, 31 Aurelio. Coach: Corini.

REGGINA: 1 Contini, 3 Cionek, 7 Menez (from 60′ Strelec), 8 Crisetig, 17 Di Chiara, 27 Pierozzi (from 86′ Bouah), 28 Gagliolo, 31 Canotto (from 60′ Cicerelli), 37 Majer, 94 Liotti, 99 Rivas (from 83′ Gori). Available: 12 Aglietti, 22 Colombi, 6 Loiacono, 9 Gori, 11 Cicerelli, 13 Bouah, 19 Stelec, 24 Terranova, 25 Lombardi, 38 Bondo. Coach: Inzaghi.

Referee: Daniele Minelli (Varese). Assistants: Marco Scatragli (Arezzo) and Marco Trinchieri (Milan). Fourth Official: Kevin Bonacina (Bergamo). VAR: Daniele Doveri (Roma 1) VAR: Giovanni Baccini (Conegliano).

SCORERS: Brunori (47′), Strelec (76′), Soleri (81′).

NOTES: Booked: Verre, Rivas, Soleri, Bouah, Gagliolo, Sala. Expelled: Majer (two yellow cards).