Palermo Reggina, Corini Conference, 23rd Serie B

Palermo Reggina, Corini Conference, 23rd Serie B

Palermo Reggina, Corini Conference, 23rd Serie B

Palermo Reggina 04/02/2023: The Rosanero coach intervenes in the press conference to talk about Sunday afternoon’s big match that will be played in a packed ‘Barbera’

The conditions of Massolo and Tutino? They had a feverish state, yesterday they no longer had a fever and worked from home. They will join the retreating team this evening.

Gomes is back in the group, but he’s not entirely ready, he’ll be fully back from next week. We have to handle the pressure, and we are prepared to do so. When you have to fly you have to start doing it but with firm principles.

The opponent objectively is relevant.

When there are 16 games left until the end of the championship, that’s a lot. When I say you need to know how to fly, it’s because you need to increase to maintain that level.

Another step and we also introduced new players. A job that we are all doing together, even with the public. I know what it’s like to create this climate. We deserved it, and we must continue to deserve it.

I think football is beautiful because it ignites spirits, and seeing this square reactivated is something beautiful.

In the first leg, Reggina deserved. We came from a different background, and miracles in football are not done.

Athletic reconditioning was needed. The thrust in that game was to put in playing time: a non-positive answer because we lost. We want to have the enthusiasm and lucidity necessary to play matches.

Masciangelo will be reinstated during the next week. The negotiation was tiring. Inzaghi? A champion and now a level coach. Inzaghi’s identity was built when he arrived.

His team has grown a lot, fearsome on various points of view. It took us a physiological time to amalgamate everything.

Fabian is not in a strong absence, but Reggina has made the transfer market. Lancini is part of our squad, he will train with dedication as always. He is motivated to contribute. We worked on the interpretations that Inzaghi gave to the system.

We are ready. Furthermore, we have grown up, time has given us a hand. The value of our players has grown and with this improvement we are going to face a very high level team. Verre proved his quality, the market raised the bar.

They gave us an alternative. Graves has great attitudes. Aurelio was also a winger in Sassuolo and can improve a lot. We had to expand the owners, and it was done.

Jacopo had this little distraction in his knee, but he’s fully available. I’ll reserve myself a few hours to decide who starts the game. That there are people tomorrow is very nice, the team deserved it.

The fans applaud because you try to do their good. When we are together we are stronger and tomorrow we can prove it.

The next teams will be important steps, and at the end of this process we will understand and think about how to face the other twelve.

On the left, we were looking for an alternative to Marco, and we took on an experienced player like Masciangelo and a player who has shown great signs of growth, Aurelio.

The paths can certainly be accelerated, but with the right amount of humility and enthusiasm. Tomorrow will be an important step, and I too want to see how my team will react to this new situation.

We want our enthusiasm to shine through. It will be a key to reading. Penalties from Brunori? He continues to be our penalty taker, I have no doubts!

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Formations of Palermo Reggina, Corini Conference, 23rd Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Segre, Damiani, Saric, Sala; Brunori, Di Mariano.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Vido, Bettella, Masciangelo

Disqualified: /

REGGINA (4-3-3): Contini; Pierozzi, Terranova, Gagliolo, Di Chiara; Majer, Crisetig, Liotti; Canotto, Menez, Rivas.

Unavailable: Camporese, Ricci, Galabinov, Obi, Hernani

Suspended: Fabbian