Parma Palermo, Corini Conference, 31st Serie B

Parma Palermo, Corini Conference, 31st Serie B

Parma Palermo, Corini Conference, 31st Serie B

Parma Palermo 30/03/2023: Many absences and an important match scheduled for the return after the break of the national teams, the first in view of the final rush of the season.

Stulac will begin a rehabilitation program in Manchester. Elia is recovering in Bergamo.

Marconi, Broh, Bettella and Sala have hopes of recovering them for next week, we didn’t want to rush things.

Verre had a fever, we preferred to leave him at home; we will understand if he can join us in Parma, at least for the bench.

Nedelcearu returned from the national team, and he didn’t feel well, he’s not with us.

Di Mariano managed the discomfort in his knee, but he still feels bad and the staff will investigate further with tests and a specialist visit

The identity will always remain the same, despite the absences. The team has its own structure that must be respected.

We have worked on several situations to adapt to the ongoing race, the principles and ideas remain ours.

We are sorry for Broh who suffered a sprain in Girona. Furthermore, we are a bit in trouble in the defensive department. Pigliacelli is fine and has worked with us.

The will was to go to Parma differently, but the strength of the team is to react to the difficulties.

We face a team of great value, we have almost 3,000 fans who will push us, many rosanero hearts who will accompany us.

We will react, we feel this push, I will work with the team to make them feel it.

Brunori? We managed the first days of training. I’m happy, he was already very convinced in Girona, he made a faster recovery path.

I respect Massimi as a referee, I don’t have any kind of problem. Appeal? I really wanted to be in Parma, I thought the two-match ban was unfair.

Brunori is a plus for us, he scored many goals, but I have to respect the course. It is very important, the evaluation must be broad and deep.

I have to respect certain situations, for me, they are all owners. Too many goals conceded in the first minutes?

We don’t have to catch them, but we’ve always had the ability to fight back, that’s very important. The vintage is very particular, we see it in this period with all these defections.

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If we want to grow, we can’t always give away goals to our opponents in the first few minutes

I also worked on Mateju central, I will try to find the best solution regarding the absence of Nedelcearu. Orihuela can also play laterally.

In midfield, we have four players for three positions, on the right I only have Valente. I think that in these last games we will have to pay attention to the details.

This team has encountered many difficulties but has been able to stand up, and we will put this strength on the field in these last few games.

We can do something important that was not expected. We are dealing with teams built to go to Serie A, but we want to play it until the end.

These players respect the shirt, the fans must be proud. It will be hard for Parma to beat us.

Soleri did well as owner, Tutino too. Vido has given comforting signals. I will choose between Brunori, Soleri, Tutino.

With Modena, we wanted to play an open game. Vazquez is a technical player who destabilizes any defence. We have to hold up one-on-one against several Parma players.

We worked very carefully not to let them cross too easily, they are very good on the second ball.

With Parma, it’s an important match, but with seven games available, anything can still happen. We must be able to overcome any defeat.

At the beginning, 19 new players arrived, in the difficulties we were good at keeping up. We built with work and the goal has ‘moved’.

For me, it was very important to make people understand what it means to wear this shirt. A strong team is not afraid to suffer and go into trouble, I’m trying to bring that kind of mentality.

We have to get there step by step.

Damiani owner? It is also a possibility in the current game. I talk to the players on a daily basis, I prod them to push us further.

The technical/tactical aspect is fundamental but also the mental aspect, it is part of that growth path to return to having that coat of arms that Palermo had lost.

Aurelio is growing up, has an important athletic predisposition, and has technical qualities.

The boy is receptive, he must continue to work as he is doing. The 3,000 fans in Parma? It is the essence of football.

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Probable Formation of Parma Palermo, Corini Conference, 31st Serie B

Parma Palermo, match valid for the 31st day of Serie B, 22/2023, Saturday 1 April 2023 starting at 2.00 pm, at the Ennio Tardini stadium.

Parma (4-2-3-1): Buffon; Delprato, Osorio, Valenti, Ansaldi; Bernabe, Estevez; Benedyczak, Vazquez, Zanimacchia; Charpentier. Coach: Fabio Pecchia.

Palermo (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Buttaro, Mateju, Graves; Valente, Segre, Gomes, Saric, Aurelio; Tutino, Soleri. Coach: Eugenio Corini.