Palermo Modena | Highlights 30th Serie B 23

Palermo Modena | Highlights 30th Serie B 23

Palermo Modena 17/03/2023: The rosanero returns to the “Renzo Barbera” and, despite the absences, crashes Tesser’s Modena with a clear 5-2.

FIRST HALF | Palermo Modena | Highlights 30th Serie B 22/23

The first ball of the match will be from Modena, led by Tesser.

Guests ahead in the 4th minute with Strizzolo; hole in Palermo’s midfield, ball for Tremolada who holes for Strizzolo who exploits the space by overtaking Nedelcearu arriving in the area and with a touch under super Pigliacelli.

Palermo in the 8th minute finds the same illusion with Tutino.

The goal was disallowed due to the irregular position of the former Parma striker, but the reaction of the home team was immediately noticeable.

Rosanero close to equalizing in the 12th minute, with Soleri grazing the post to Gango’s right.

Nedelcearu serves Gomes who deceives his opponent with a feint of the body, throws for Soleri who slips between the canaries’ shirts, enters the area and kicks by touching the post.

Modena still dangerous in the 17th minute, the ball in the center of the Rosanero area which is slightly touched by Nedelcearu, this favors the common guests who kick from outside with Magnino.

The number 6, however, is inaccurate and kicks to Pigliacelli’s side. In the 24th minute, it is Valente who tries with a shot from outside, but his conclusion is easy prey for the goalkeeper of the Gialloblù.

In the 25th minute, Palermo found the goal equal with Tutino, the former Parma player won the ball on the edge of the area and kicked with his right foot.

The ball was deflected just enough not to allow Gagno to intervene. For the number 7 it is the first goal with the rosanero shirt.

Guests ahead again in the 30th minute with Strizzolo scoring a brace; perfect cross from Tremolada who leaves Aurelio on the spot, Strizzolo with his head anticipates everyone and puts an innocent Pigliacelli behind.

After 1′ of added time, the first half ends with the guests leading 2-1.

SECOND HALF | Palermo Modena | Highlights 30th Serie B 22/23

The match resumes with the same twenty-two that started the match. Ready away, Palermo finds the 2-2 goal with Soleri.

Valente on the right side serves a perfect cross for Soleri’s head, who in the 47th minute climbs higher than everything and beats Gagno.

Palermo ahead in the 57th minute with Verre. The former Sampdoria midfielder is good at taking advantage of the lack of collaboration between the Gialloblù goalkeeper and the defender.

The number 26 with his toe anticipates Gagno who is overtaken by the ball and then all alone puts in the net. Palermo-Modena is 3-2 in the 57th minute.

Palermo scores again in the 59th minute, this time it is Aurelio who inflates the net.

Played by Tutino on the right out, the number 7 crosses to the far post where there is all alone Aurelio who, with a header, scores the first goal in Serie B.

Palermo, when there are 15 ‘to go, try to cool the pace by trying to keep the Modena forwards away from their own goal.

Penalty for Palermo in the 78th minute, Vido served in depth tries to return and is hit from behind by Pensi being landed incorrectly, for the referee there is no doubt it is a penalty for the rosanero.

The number 19 of the rosanero, recently entered, takes charge of the serve and kicks to the right of Gagno, who identifies but does not block to touch the ball, with the result set at 5-2.

Palermo close to the 6-2 goal with Segre; Valente crosses from the right, Segre shoots from the edge of the area but Gagno deviates for a corner.

There is no more time, Palermo regains victory and, waiting for the opponents, returns to the playoff area.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Palermo Modena | Highlights 30th Serie B 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 2 Graves, 5 Gomes, 7 Tutino (from 74′ Vido), 18 Nedelcearu, 26 Verre (from 74′ Damiani), 27 Soleri, 28 Saric (from 70′ Segre), 30 Valente (Cap.) , 31 Aurelius, 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 10 Di Mariano, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 25 Buttaro, 47 Di Mitri, 79 Lancini. Coach: Lanna.

MODENA: 26 Gagno, 3 Ponsi (from 82 Renzetti), 4 Pergreffi (from 91′ De Maio), 6 Magnino, 10 Tremolada (from 66′ Giovannini), 11 Falcinelli (from 81′ Motisi), 15 Silvestri, 16 Gerli, 21 Armellino (from 66′ Duke), 32 Strizzolo, 96 Oukhadda. Available: 12 Seculin, 20 Mordini, 43 Panada, 57 Coppolaro. Coach: Tesser.

Referee: Minelli (Varese) IV Official: Ancora (Roma 1) Assistants: Tolfo (Pordenone) and Affatato (VCO) VAR: Pezzuto (Lecce) AVAR: Dei Giudici (Latina)

SCORERS: Strizzolo 4′, 30′ (M); Tutino 25′, Soleri 47′, Verre 57′, Aurelio 59′, Vido 80′ (P)


Spectators, 22513; Saric booked, Mateju (P).