2nd semifinal vs Venezia Mignani conference

On the 2nd semifinal match of SerieBKT's Playoffs against the Venezia, the Mignani Press conference

On the 2nd semifinal match of SerieBKT’s Playoffs against the Venezia, the Mignani Press conference

The rosanero, on Friday evening at the Penzo, want to overturn the result, and to do so they will have to bring clarity and determination.

I believe that regardless of the fact that we need two goals in 90 minutes, the team will have to have balance.

We need to understand the conditions of some players.

We can try a little more offensive strength, and we will need to have the ability to understand the moments.

Furthermore, we will have to manage the first part of the match well, especially.

This is how Michele Mignani, Rosanero coach, presents the challenge in a press conference two days before the match.

With Sampdoria, it was a dry match with a week of work behind us, a different team from Venezia.

It’s difficult to make comparisons with that match.

I think that the first leg match against Venezia, in addition to the fact of playing at home with a large crowd pushing us, showed that Palermo played the match on equal terms.

Maybe in the first part of the match we did something more than Venezia.

In the first half, we took several corners and entered the opponent’s area several times.

With a dirty ball, maybe we would have changed the game and Venezia could have discovered themselves a little more.

The episode didn’t happen, and we will go on this research to Venice.

In addition to the condition, there is the thought of believing in it because we have demonstrated it on the field.

Towards the Venezia Match

We still have two days to understand the condition of the boys, we will try to do something to put Venezia in difficulty.

We must have balance, but the goal can be scored in the 70th or 90th minute.

The sooner you score, the more time you have to catch up to your opponent.

Then you will need balance and strength to score, but with intelligence.

It would be important to score immediately, but we have an opponent in front of us who doesn’t concede much, we’ve seen it.

I told the boys that we wasted the last minutes of the match.

Sometimes it’s okay, you reason less based on the situations.

It’s not easy, but it was the right thought because there was another match to play, and we could risk conceding another goal.

We have another 90 minutes to try to do this other feat, so to speak.

And we have to believe in it all the way, if we manage to keep it up and score a goal twenty minutes from the end we can try to put them in difficulty.

2nd semifinal vs Venezia

I think that the match that Venezia will try to play will be similar to the first leg.

They know how to stay well on the pitch and know how to defend and attack in an orderly manner.

It will be difficult for Palermo, but it’s an all-in game. There is no point in hiding, we must and have the desire to believe it.

Anything can happen in football, we are not afraid to face this match. We want to do this undertaking knowing that it will be very difficult.

I don’t see the future and I can’t know what will happen. Maybe you prepare a game and then an episode changes everything for you.

The thought, however, is that we have to believe in it and that the boys will believe in it until the end.

I think the playoff climate is wonderful. The atmosphere I experienced in these two races at Barbera was incredible.

You’ll already get goosebumps from the warm-up.

I believe that the secret is in the evaluation of wanting to try to reach the objective before the others, but I can’t think that the other teams don’t have it. Serie A is up for grabs.

We have to try to make a further break.

Future in rosanero

What if it could be the last match with Palermo? We are professionals and cannot be tied to society forever.

Even though we have a contract, it doesn’t mean that this could be the future.

But right now we have to think about the match. This is a strong, organized company that has a great future ahead.

Palermo will arrive in Serie A sooner or later, but whoever coaches this team will certainly have a privileged future…


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