1st semi-final vs Venezia Mignani conference

On the 1st semi-final round of SerieBKT's Playoffs, the Mignani Press conference for the match against the Venezia

On the 1st semi-final match of SerieBKT’s Playoffs against the Venezia, the Mignani Press conference

Against Sampdoria?

Before speaking about the Venezia, I think that the Palermo seen with Sampdoria is the Palermo that differed from the others above all in attitude and spirit.

In my opinion, this was the biggest difference, a match played well in all aspects.

Starting from the attitude, the tactical aspects also emerged.

With Venezia, I would like them to bring the same things despite being a different opponent.

I think that two days between one match and another is not enough.

You have to recover your energy, but this is what they gave us and we’ll take this.

Condition of the players? Yesterday they unloaded, and today we get together and see how we are doing.

The boys are young and healthy, in three days they must be able to recover for the next match.


The third in the standings arrives in Palermo after the regular season, and I happened to see the match against Venezia in the past, but I haven’t seen it recently.

Venezia is not just Pohjanpalo and has come within a whisker of direct promotion, demonstrating values not only thanks to a player who is still doing very well.

They risked going directly to Serie A. Their respective qualities will be there on the pitch, but we’re thinking on a collective level.

When we went in to warm up, I had wonderful sensations, the stadium was already almost full.

I thought to myself: ‘it’s impossible not to think I want to play this match’. I hope it’s the same against Venezia, then we have to do our best to do what’s right.

It’s not usual for us to have these matches, so it’s not easy for us either. I believe that the most important thing is to have even more clarity.

The return match allows us to overturn the outcome of the first leg. We want to start to win the match like against Sampdoria.

Our head is only on the first one for now, aware that we must have clarity in thinking, that then there will be another one.

It would be important not to concede goals every match. This was growth, but I remember other games where we conceded goals but conceded little to our opponents.

With Cosenza for example. I think we are working well in the defensive phase, Venezia played strong.

That would be the objective, it would be important, but it is also important to think about doing it.


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