Catania and Palermo met the regional councilor Manlio Messina


The Sicily is moving to bring the supporters to the stadium…

Today around 11.00 AM In the common hope of being able to soon experience the joy of the fans’ return to the stands, Calcio Catania and Palermo Football Club met Manlio Messina, councilor for Sport, Tourism and Entertainment of the Sicilian Region.

Nico Le Mura, sole director of the Etna club, first welcomed Palermo president Dario Mirri to Torre del Grifo. In agreement between the top representatives of the two clubs and with the director of SIGI Nuccio La Ferlita, urgent and main requests were defined, advanced to the regional government during the following meeting: partial reopening of the stadiums, compatible with the epidemiological emergency in progress, and measures to support professional sports clubs, struggling in this phase with drastically reduced or even zero revenues.

Catania and Palermo at work together for the Sicilian fans.