Livigno: Mr. Dionisi’s press conference

Livigno: Mr. Dionisi's press conference

Palermo begins their pre-season summer training camp in Livigno.

Livigno: Sunday 7 July, the team led by Alessio Dionisi carried out their first training session (open to the public) on the Aquagranda pitch.

The rosanero will remain in Livigno (Valtellina) until 20 July and on the day that officially kicked off summer preparation,

The Palermo coach spoke in a press conference a few hours after the end of training.

I couldn’t wait to get on the pitch, we’ve just started.

The welcome was excellent, the atmosphere too (laughs, ed.) and I also like the group.

The latter will have to be completed, something will change.

I like the availability, the starting point is already good.

In this pre-season, I expect the team to begin to have an identity.

We have time, we must not waste time. In the first part we tend to put fuel in our legs, everyone arrived trained.

In the first physical works we went to a higher step, the boys were already quite ready.

There will be more space for athletic trainers. The climate is optimal for training, but for the people of Palermo it is atypical.

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On singles

Dionisi also focused on the individuals: Peda and Corona are young guys and have had different paths.

Peda played in the first team, Corona has to make his way to the big boys and is here to show what he is worth, then he will go and gain experience.

Brunori? I didn’t know him as a boy but as a player, it seems superficial to talk about his smiles.

He is training well, he will have to continue to give, but we are still at the beginning.

There is no Brunori case, then I don’t know the future.

You know the club’s line, the players will speak when they are called into question by the club.

We need to talk about Brunori, he is a very important footballer, but I can’t just talk about him.

Every coach’s hope is to have the team ready in training camp, but they will arrive.

The ‘old’ players

I asked for availability and motivation. Whoever is part of Palermo will have shown that they are up to it.

I’m finding the right attitude in the ‘old people’. Over time, the new guys will arrive to add something.

In these three years the team has grown, we need to try to do another little, we need continuity.

Gomes is a significant player, and he raises the level of competition, he is a top-level goalkeeper.

This is the objective we have in all departments, we have clear ideas.

I’m happy with his arrival, the young people are also making their contribution.

Saric can be an added value, he has already played here;

He was supposed to return on the 6th and returned three days early, in terms of availability he gave a nice message.

Futhermore, he must continue to demonstrate, I am happy with his contribution.


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