Mignani conference, 33rd day vs Cosenza

On the 33rd day of Serie B, the match against the Cosenza, here the M. Mignani Press conference

On the 33rd day of Serie B, the match against the Cosenza, here the M. Mignani Press conference

First press conference at the Palermo CFA in Torretta for Mister Mignani. In the new “press room” of the sports center.

The first thing I can say is that it is a pleasure to work in a sports center of this type, the club makes everything available and is comfortable in some respects.

Every day I have a little more knowledge than the match against Sampdoria, the ideal would be to always be able to work in a typical week.

This week has helped us a lot, and we hope to arrive at the Cosenza match with a little more certainty.

The more time we have, the better. What we needed was to have solidity when facing teams like Sampdoria or many teams in Serie B.

The best solution was to use that formation there. Each opponent leads you to make considerations, we must be good at being able to adapt to the three-man defense with work.

We can also decide to go back to four and use both modules, but conceptually they are the same in terms of occupying the spaces on the pitch.

We must be good and quick in understanding what the opponent gives us.

Not everyone defends the same way or opposes the same way. Finding ourselves close to our attackers, we must look for them, also based on their characteristics.

If they grant us this, we must learn it and do it well. If they expect us to be a little lower, we must be better than we did against Sampdoria to give clean balls to the attackers.

Goals can be scored in many ways, we must try to score them in one of these ways. Palermo have already shown that they have the ability to score goals in many situations.

I’m very sincere when I talk to the team. I told them that I saw a bit of fear, but I think it was also a normal thing.

There was the apprehension of getting back on track and trying to get a result. This is also done through missed goals.

I try to work with my ideas, I would really like to have solutions to stop the opponent and I also think that if we have possession it is difficult for the opponent to score goals for us.

Then maybe a clean or dirty victory would at least clear the kids’ heads.

We must try to reach the best position and move forward, the mentality must be this, thinking about it from match to match.


Having a goalkeeper with good feet gives you many advantages. It must not be the only solution we have, we must use it when we need it, and we must use field players to attack spaces in the attacking phase.

I think about everything, my job is to evaluate the best solution. I do it in all roles, even the goalkeeper, despite it being a different role. However, I have to be very careful when making this type of assessment.

The boys available are all available, apart from the suspended ones and those injured for a long time.

The condition of the team after a week of work has a more complete picture. Compared to Sampdoria, Palermo finished better at the end of the match, also thanks to their level of physical condition.

Each coach has his own methods, made with or without the ball, or on the intensity to be maintained during training. We have to be good at putting something in without taking away.

Cosenza also changed coach a few days ago. They have probably changed their face since the first round, I can define them as a concrete and solid team, especially at home with the push of their people.

Their ranking situation leads them to have the knife between their teeth, but we must be stronger than they in these aspects.

To manage the advantage, you have to do it in many ways. I think the best way is to try to attack the opponent and keep him away from his own goal, not to duck and wait for him.

We often deal without the host, then we have to take into account that there is always an opponent who has quality.

But there are many games within a game, I like to define them as emotional inertia, whether you go ahead or down. It’s normal to demand more.

I would really like my team to dominate the match, I expect this to be the spirit and attitude of every match we face this.

In my opinion, it is facing things with enthusiasm and courage and not with fear. We have to look a bit at this moment that the team is experiencing to turn it around.

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