Mignani conference, 34th-day Parma

The Palermo coach, on the eve of the match against league leaders Parma, presented the challenge in the usual pre-match press conference.

On the 34th day of Serie B, the Big Match against the Parma, here the M. Mignani Press conference

The Palermo coach, on the eve of the match against league leaders Parma, presented the challenge in the usual pre-match press conference.

Tomorrow we meet the first in the rankings who up to now have proven to be the strongest of all, it will be a demanding test.

On the one hand, I’m curious to understand, but the team also worked well to get to the best of this match.

I didn’t go any further than tomorrow night’s match, I told the boys that we must have the ambition to go and take on the teams in front of us.

This is the ambition that the club also has, I cannot afford to go beyond tomorrow’s match.

Parma has a coach who has worked with the same team for two years consecutively.

I think both Stulac and Gomes can serve, I think that in this role you have to do both phases of the game well.

You must always be available to the team with the ball at your feet, and be aggressive when you don’t have it. Both of them did this job well anyway.

Ranocchia? I would like to have the whole squad available, but injuries and suspensions are part of football.

It happens that you don’t have some players, but you don’t have to think about it.

I spoke to him, he’s better and should be back on the pitch soon but in the meantime we don’t have him so we’ll take note of this.

I think both he and Vasic are very close to working with the group.

The predominant thing must be not to give points of reference to the opponents.

Even if players are wingers they can come onto the pitch, there are players who have experience and who can do it.

Palermo manages to end the first half with the lead.

Then in the two games I played, each start of the second half was different from the other.


With Cosenza the team entered well and seemed to have the match under control.

We took them and analyzed them. With Cosenza, we conceded a goal from a penalty and then a couple of counterattacks, but overall the team didn’t risk too much.

In this respect we are working and will try to improve further.

Against Parma, you have to be careful not to concede too much because they have a lot of quality and physicality in their attacking players.

We play to win, it will be a difficult and complicated match, but it must be so for the opponents too.

Every day that I train these guys, I get a clearer idea. Until you coach a player, you don’t know him fully.

For me every training session is fundamental, and I always have doubts, they all push the same way, and they all deserve to play.

I will certainly carry doubts until tomorrow, but I also know very well that sometimes those who come in during the match can become fundamental.

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