Mignani conference 36th-day Spezia

On the 36th day of Serie B, the match against the Spezia, here the M. Mignani Press conference

On the 36th day of Serie B, the match against the Spezia, here the M. Mignani Press conference

When I arrived, I tried to understand what the best solutions were.

Playing with a three-man defense could have made it easier for us;

I continue to think that there has been growth, unfortunately interrupted by the defeat against Reggiana.

Two fairly clear episodes penalized us, the team suffered little and created.

The biggest mistake is to let yourself be influenced by results and not believe in the work.

You can’t think that a change of module can solve the problems, you have to create a mentality and certainties.

Maybe it will take longer, but that’s the goal.

Have the players given up?

I don’t even want to think about it.

If I came here, it’s not to get by. I believe that the team can do something important, the club has given me a lot of motivation.

Furthermore, If I were to notice that someone was getting complacent, I would send them away from the sports center.

When things aren’t going well we tend to talk a lot, in my opinion there is little to talk about: we need to raise our antennas and run.

It’s true that we lost, but I still think that the team was growing, we played an excellent match against Parma.

I don’t want to destroy, let’s keep building. We have to have a great match against Spezia.

Last year Spezia were in Serie A, they have strong players and are doing well.

D’Angelo’s men have a good dribble, it will be a difficult match. They have pace and intensity.

When situations repeat themselves, there is a motivation. On corner kicks, we can choose how to defend.

Therefore, Football is also random, you have to be more careful and not concede these situations.

Coulibaly had a grievance, he will not be available against Spezia.


The idea is to send on the field those who are better and can guarantee me a physical strength that can counter that of Spezia.

We have shown that we too can keep the ball in our hands.

The team was in difficulty in the first minutes against Reggiana and in the last ten minutes, when I changed formation and removed the certainties.

Working on the head is the most difficult thing, there is no point in hiding: at the moment there are great expectations, we must be able to handle the pressure, which means giving the best of us.


There was growth up until Parma.

Many factors are needed to win. We need to raise the bar, if things aren’t going well right now it means that something is missing.

We need to clear our heads and get back on a path that gives us confidence.

The players are intelligent and perceive that there is disappointment. The love of the fans can also be demonstrated with whistles.

I can guarantee that every boy I send onto the field puts in all the effort he has.

Football is not mathematics, when you are in moments of depression everything seems more difficult. We will do everything we can to improve.

Comeback by Brescia and Sampdoria? We have to look at ourselves.

We need to score points, I don’t care about the other teams’ schedule.

Decline in the second half? We had opportunities against Reggiana, also against Parma.

I haven’t seen a team retreat into their own half in the second half.

From the values that I have, the boys are not bad (from an athletic point of view, ed.), in fact, this is the last problem.

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