Mignani conference, 35th-day Reggiana

Mignani conference, 35th-day Reggiana

On the 35th day of Serie B, the match against the Reggiana, here the M. Mignani Press conference

Ranocchia is fine, he trained all week with the team. He had been out of action for a long time, to be at 100% he needs more training.

He can do more things, he can allow us to change during the course of the match or at the beginning thanks to his characteristics.

The team’s moment? I have tried to give my line and in recent weeks I have felt growth.

The boys have improved in their performances, I am convinced that the victory can come.

The final result is often determined by episodes, we have to be good at managing the match.

I got the idea that this team has grown, it has faced opponents who could put us in difficulty.

The ideal would be to maintain balance and be able to score a few goals.

We have to win games, we have to work on ourselves to be a loose cannon and an annoying team.

You have to be good in both phases, the goal is to win with Reggiana.

You need to understand when it’s time to take risks.

We have the qualities to hurt the opponent, we must be aware of being dangerous.

Nedelcearu? All defenders have defensive and building qualities. I received great availability from everyone, I appreciated it.

Goals can be scored in many ways, we are working on it, we need to bring many men into the penalty area.

However, we must not allow restarts. The players know how to do it, we have to work on many things.

Me Mister X? I also like it as a nickname, he seems like a mysterious character (laughs, ed.). Last year Bari finished third with me, I won a few matches.

The many draws? I’m thinking about it, I don’t like winning, but I don’t like losing either.

I expect a difficult match, Reggiana has a lot of dribbling. We have to be good at staying tight.

Since Aurelio isn’t there we have more solutions, external attackers can also play on the left; Ceccaroni can be deployed there as at the beginning of the season.

Stulac and Gomes can play together, but now we need a shorter midfielder and two midfielders;

With a different midfield they could play together, they have the qualities to do so, it’s a tactical choice.

Henderson gives me some more solutions from a dribbling point of view. Segre gives more intensity and insertion, he is an important player.

I liked Di Francesco in that area.

I have to look at everything, the points necessary for the mathematical playoffs have not yet been scored.

We have to try to win against Reggiana. When you put a team in place you have to have work behind it, constantly changing means taking away what you have consolidated.

We must not send the players into disarray.

Di Francesco, second striker? We can do anything, the important thing is to have solutions and hurt the opponent.

Right now, we need everything, even to win a match. We have to try to win with meaning, but even a meaningless victory is fine.

There is a small block in the team’s head, but the desire is there.

Di Mariano out? During the week, we looked for other solutions.

We know what Buttaro can give us, you can’t think of having just one player in that area.


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