Mignani conference 38th-day Sudtirol

On the 38th day of Serie B, the match against the Sudtirol, here the M. Mignani Press conference

On the 38th day of Serie B, the match against the Sudtirol, here the M. Mignani Press conference

Gomes and Ceccaroni have nothing serious, we have a day to evaluate.

We don’t want to take risks to compromise the continuation.

Against Sudtirol it counts as a decisive match, we must maintain our position, there are real points up for grabs. We must not lose concentration in view of the playoffs.

In the match against Ascoli, we recorded the highest values on a physical level. We made a lot of wrong choices, it’s not an athletic problem.

The choices start from the head, it’s not even a tactical question.

I make training choices based on the training sessions, which is why they are not continuous.

Diakité had a good match against Ascoli, especially in the first half, he is a player who can play the ‘third’ defense, the ‘fifth’ or the ‘fourth’.

In attack, I changed because I needed more weight, Soleri played an excellent game. With Sudtirol we will try to find the right solutions.

We lost a lot of points from an advantageous position. It’s a discussion that starts more from the head because it has been a problem that has lasted throughout the season.

If there is continuity, it means it’s more of a mental problem.

The best way to defend yourself is to try to attack your opponent.

Physical Moment

Not doing so is not a physical issue but a mental issue, you are more worried about maintaining the advantageous position.

Protestation from fans? It is a situation that does not depend on us, we must go further and be stronger.

We would like to have the fans on our side, but we cannot expect them to clap their hands for us.

We want to reverse this situation, we work every day. Furthermore, we have a duty to always do better.

At the moment, the team isn’t doing the things it was doing a few months ago. There is no mental carefreeness.

The warned? We have to be good at managing, but we can’t afford to not let them play.

The match against Sudtirol is important, some of these will be in the match. Sudtirol is a strong team, they defend well and with many players.

They will be mentally free and will want to make a good impression on the fans.

Di Mariano and Vasic are not available with Südtirol. Ascoli’s goal comes from a throw-in and our short clearance.

They played everything, we don’t even have any luck at the moment. We must be stronger than everything and subvert this moment.

The last day of Sampdoria and Brescia?

The results of the others are seen in the end, we cannot waste energy. We have to play a vigorous and strong game, a victory would give us morale.

Desplanches did well, Pigliacelli reacted very well. I wait until the last minute to choose, I want it to become a healthy ballot, like for the other roles.


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