Mignani conference 1st round Playoffs

On the 1st round of Playoffs of Serie B, the match against the Sampdoria, here the Mignani Press conference

On the 1st round of Playoffs of Serie B, the match against the Sampdoria, here the Mignani Press conference

Palermo hosts Sampdoria in a packed “Renzo Barbera” for the preliminary round of the Serie B playoffs.

The rosanero, in the single match, have two useful results available out of three to get through to the round.

The playoffs are another championship in some respects.

Everything is reset and the matches have a completely different value compared to the championship.

Tomorrow night’s game is an inside or out game. My past is now behind me, and we need to look at the present.

It’s a great feeling, we’re playing an important match in a full stadium.

These are beautiful emotions that a coach feels with all the hopes he carries with him also for the positive outcome.

Last year we started from the semi-final, they were games where there is an error that can become decisive.

You have to increase attention and concentration but also competitiveness. You have to read them and be good at using your head.

We must always remain clear-headed because something can happen until the end.

Does this team have the potential to go to Serie A? I think it would be silly not to think so.

However, our concentration must only go to tomorrow’s match.

On Palermo-Sampdoria 1st round Playoffs

Having two advantages out of three from a psychological aspect is a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

I expect a balanced match.

Sampdoria’s latest matches show that they are a team that is doing well, it will be a balanced match.

I will try to convey to the team the thought of winning the match and scoring goals.

When the minutes begin to pass, your head thinks less, and you go more instinctively.

It’s not easy sometimes to convey a situation, but you have to try to do it.

I live this moment with balance, which is my way of managing the team.

I didn’t go into depression before, and I didn’t go into elation now.

You have to have a clear and clear head because it’s a dry match.

We need to iron out the mistakes and try to win it. It was a week of work and good profit, coming from a victory you see a few more smiles.

Ceccaroni and Gomes are better and have returned to the group.

We have also recovered other players such as Vasic and Di Mariano who trained with the team during the week.

It was a pleasure to meet Ferran Soriano, who wished us good luck.

We felt the closeness of the City Group, he then said about the visit of the CFG CEO to Torretta.

Full house at the “Barbera”

I think I’m totally involved in what this match represents for Palermo.

I experience it with the same emotion as a Palermo fan.

For the city and the club it is a very important match, it overshadows how important it is for me as a coach.

I think that playing at home, beyond the last few games, is an advantage.

The public will be close to the team because they love it. It will be a benefit for the kids.

The public doesn’t come onto the pitch, but when they hug you and push you, it’s as if they did.

We are very pleased that the stadium is full and that they can give us help for this match.

It’s curious to face Sampdoria, the team from my city, which I supported as a child and with whom I also made my debut in Serie A.

It’s a twist of fate to play with them, but it’s a situation that I like.

They have history and reputation, last year they were in Serie A and have strong players.

It will be an extra stimulus, which I like.


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