Palermo at the City Group, Soriano: “Consolidate in B and then go to A”

The era of the City Group begins. Some members of the English holding, together with the president of Palermo, Dario Mirri, speak at the press conference after the acquisition of the majority of the shares of the rosanero club.

4 July 2022, a new story is written, Palermo at the City Group

The era of the City Group begins. Some members of the English holding, together with the president of Palermo, Dario Mirri, speak at the press conference after the acquisition of the majority of the shares of the rosanero club.

Mirri: Welcome to the City Group. I am proud, happy, and moved. I fulfilled the desire I had 3 years ago: to reach the maximum commitment. I did everything I could and now I have the happiness of leaving Palermo in the best possible hands. The City Group is the best.

Soriano: I am here to represent City Football Club and we are honored, happy and proud to be here with you. We know about the history of Palermo and its importance for the city. For us, it is a fantastic opportunity. From our point of view, Dario’s work is impressive: what has been done by Serie D is incredible, We come to help more and to make the next season of this journey that + our dream: to go to Serie A and this will be the ambitious goal for the next few years. You have to work hard but step by step.

We brought two clubs to A. With this strength, we get here, but also humility. Knowing that the B is difficult and it will be a matter of passion. But work and patience are needed

Serie A? We would never have done this project without Dario. We met and we know the club is in good hands. And he will be the president. We are here to help financially, but not only. Also technology. 80% City Football Group and 20% for Dario. We know that humility is important: we are football people and we know the difficulties. In the meantime, we have to consolidate in B, but we want to go to A. Sure. We can’t go any faster than that. We cannot do something unsustainable otherwise the result will not come. With Troyes and Girona we made it in the first year, but we know it’s difficult.

The fans will see work, a lot of work. 100% of our capabilities. The same technology that we also use in the City will come to Palermo, but obviously, it is not a guarantee of success. We work in a certain way, also from a marketing point of view. The results will arrive safely

The engagement with Dario came before the playoffs and the promotion. Obviously, it was impressive to see the fans in the playoffs, but that was known. Palermo is a great team. The technology to be applied in Palermo? All. There is no difference between Palermo, Melbourne, and New York. However, it takes time and investment. Palermo needs a better training center than it has. It will be of the same level as those we have in the world

Palermo will be different from Girona and Troyes. They are all different. Palermo’s football is different and the rosanero history is unique. Palermo is now part of a family that will help him as he is different from other clubs. Interests? Only football

The youth sector is fundamental for us, in all our clubs. It will also be in Palermo, we will give young people the opportunity to grow in football. When we have the right training center and the right methodology, the boys will be able to arrive in Palermo and then go to Belgium or the United States where our group offers various possibilities. A priority for us

We arrived today, the Board will need more time but I think something will come out in the next few days. Gardini? He helped the City with the purchase and to this day they work for us

From an investment point of view, we see the need for a sports center. How, where and when I do tell the president ”.

Mirri: For me, it will be the decisive asset for development. If we don’t have a home to welcome the players, it will be impossible to work well. We are working on the Torretta project and in the coming weeks, we may decide to proceed further. It seems to me that everything is going well, and the technical conditions are favorable.

Soriano: The standard will be the same. When we talk about the City football group, we are not just talking about Manchester. We have done sports centers everywhere and we have experience in doing so. We have a group in our facility that does just that. I don’t know how many fields there will be, but we’ll see in the coming weeks

I must say that we still don’t have an opinion on the stadium. But it will be crucial. This stadium is fantastic: the national team is playing there, there isn’t much to do but it definitely has to be full. Our job will be to convince the Palermitans to come to the stadium. We need this passion to make the club grow.

Mirri: The stadium is our church and it needs some interventions but its conditions are good. They can become excellent if a synthesis can be found.

Budget for the market? There is obvious he’s lying, but I don’t want to give this number because there is work to be done. Surely we want to be stable in B and then go to A. Europe? We all have a dream and we need to bring the fans with us. Communication and honesty will be needed. This is our ambition, but humble. We all dream

Possible friendlies of Palermo with our teams. These ideas are on the table. We have had clubs that went to training in Manchester. Being part of this family the possibilities are endless. We will see what the squad will need later on

I saw the matches of Palermo with Padua suffering a little. Guardiola asked me if there is sunshine in Palermo. He knows everything we do and he knows Italian football. We are all thrilled. In the City Football Group, we have 12 clubs. Every weekend opportunity for happiness or sadness. Now the matches of Palermo will be seen by many people around the world. All Palermo players will be watched by our clubs. There is the possibility of bringing players from other clubs

Mirri: Today I have the happiness of having made a journey. Promotions can be ephemeral joys, but I’m much happier for Palermo’s future. In a very short time, we will be guests of the Honorable Lieutenant, then in the future, we will see.

Soriano: We spoke with Mirri several times and we met in London. When people are good, you can see quickly.

Mirri: Season ticket campaign? The first appointment that the Palermo of the new era launches to the city: we need the fans. We expect to prove it with facts, not only with the enthusiasm of the usual but of the whole city. The campaign is expected to start on Wednesday. We have established the criteria and it is a wait that runs out within a few days. We fill the stadium like in the playoffs.

Regarding the brand, I must say that respect for its history is total and I don’t see why it should change. But we want to bring this brand everywhere: there are pink fans in New York too.