All the historical logos on the new (4th) PALERMO JERSEY

The new PALERMO JERSEY with all the historical logos

All the historical logos on the new PALERMO JERSEY !

Black and gold, with pink trim. But, above all, a graphic pattern with all the logos of the history of Palermo in semi-transparency in the background: it is the new Kombat special kit by Kappa, a fourth shirt for the rosanero team that is added to the three presented at the beginning of the 2021/22 season.

The new suit, conceived by the communication department of Palermo and designed by the Palermo agency Gomez & Mortisia, is produced in a limited series of 1000 numbered pieces, all provided with a plaque with progressive numbering, to make each piece completely unique, including those worn by the players. rosanero. The shirt, in fact, will debut today in the home match against Bari at the Renzo Barbera Stadium and will be the only occasion on which the Palermo players will wear it in an official match.

PHOTOS / All the historical logos on the new PALERMO JERSEY!

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

The special kit was created with the aim of celebrating the recent acquisition by Palermo F.C. of all the logos that have never belonged to the rosanero team in 121 years of history: a historic opportunity to reappropriate the club’s identity, so far fragmented in the succession of owners over the years. This is a further step in the process of enhancing the history of the rosanero faith, which began already in the 2019/20 season with the Palermo Museum and the two-colored kit celebrating the 120th anniversary, presented against Bari in December 2020, to finish at the first.

This year’s official shirt (which evokes the first rosanero shirt ever adopted by Palermo) or the casual reproduction for everyday streetwear of some iconic shirts of rosanero history. The new Kombat is rich in details, such as the two thin horizontal bands, one pink and the other gold, on the sleeve, on the crew neck, and along the final part of the back of the shirt. The fabrics are ultra-light and the Kombat System technology offers even more stretch and comfort. The Hideaway protection technology guarantees breathability and an effective release of body heat.

Every detail and personalization element is designed to eliminate rubbing on the skin and ensure total comfort. The new Palermo outfit will be available for sale starting today, at the end of the match, through various channels: initially at the SiamoAquile Bar & Store in the Renzo Barbera stadium, where it will be possible to buy locally or request shipping by contacting the number +39091.5077296. At the same time, sales will be active in the Kappa single-brand store circuit and on

In January, at a later time, new stock of PALERMO JERSEY with all the historical logos will also be available on the Palermo digital store.