Juve Stabia vs Palermo, 2nd round playoffs Serie C

2nd round playoffs, Conference Filippi

Juve Stabia vs Palermo, 2nd round playoffs Serie C

The AIA has announced the designation for Juve Stabia – Palermo, a match valid for the 2nd round Playoffs of Group C. The match will be played on Wednesday 19 May at 5.30 pm. The designated referee is Marco Ricci from Florence.

Marco Ricci (Florence), Andrea Micaroni (Chieti), Claudio Gualtieri (Asti), Francesco Luciani (Rome)

The only precedent with the rosanero dates back to 18 October 2020, when the match was Bisceglie vs Palermo.

Juve Stabia vs Palermo, 2nd round playoffs Serie C

The Palermo coach, Giacomo Filippi, intervenes in the press conference to present the match against Juve Stabia, valid for the 2nd round playoffs. The squads are forced to win if they want to pass.

“Playing immediately after the good performance against Teramo would have been an excellent thing. However, we had more time to recover energy. We would have preferred to take the field last week. Lucca and Rauti are important players but the team has shown that they can make up for the absences. Nobody is indispensable. I have no problems with numbers but there are plenty of players in all roles.

Management of the Lucca ‘case’? Speaking with doctors and companies, no mistakes were made. First, we tried to recover the player without intervening; he manages to do everything but in some movements, he feels a little annoyance that makes him go into self-defense. Speaking also with the boy, we have chosen to safeguard his health and not have him at 60/70%. This team, from Monopoli to today, has scored 14 points with many goals scored. We are not Lucca or Rauti employees. The most important thing is the attitude the group is having.

Saraniti has been training very well for a few weeks, he has the right attitude. We’ll see whether to deploy him from the first minute. We watched the match against Juve Stabia played at the “Barbera” to avoid making the same mistakes; in January they strengthened, they are a strong team but I have faith in my players. I foresee a beautiful game, played at a high pace and open to all results. We are in the condition to be able to pass the shift. Lucca with Teramo was available but Saraniti entered because later on the physical level. Lucca, in some movements, feels a little annoyance and we want to do an exploratory investigation. It is nothing serious.

Charge of the fans? It is stimulating, for us it is an extra spur, no pressure. We took care of the defensive phase in the same way as the offensive one. We are trying to eliminate some flaws, the team worked very well.

For us, every game is the last, this is a more difficult obstacle. Having two out of three results is an advantage for them. We are going to play to win. Santana ‘false nine’? It is a solution that we have tried. We will see who to choose to put Juve Stabia in difficulty.

Almici has been training with the team in the last two days, he does not have the same condition as the others but is available as Odjer. Marotta? The danger of him is an aspect that we have evaluated. He is an important player for the category, I also played against him. We will do everything to limit it.

Odjer is in the same conditions as Almici, at 50/60%. Juve Stabia – Casertana in the first round? Fear can play tricks. These matches are like this, the values ​​almost cancel out”.

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The Palermo Coach Filippi before Juve Stabia vs Palermo, 2nd round playoffs Serie C

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